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You know, I heard a shot about 30 minutes before I popped that Black Coyote this morning and was wondering where it came from.

After I got back from showing George in KY my Blackie, my buddy who lives across the creek from me drives up and has a Coyote in the back of his pick up truck. This one is a good sized male (about 35 pounds). This young man was really happy with his prize. His late Grandpa was my "shootin buddy" for many years. Every time I killed a Varmit, I would take to and show it to "Old Bummy" my buddy.

Eric here used a .22-250 and shot it at about 100 yds jogging across the pasture field this morning. If that ain't ******* enough for ya; he fired out his bedroom window and killed it. Great job Eric.
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