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Cruise Ship Vacation

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Just to fill out the New Topics, I am going to explain a bit about our Cruise Trip.
First off, Don't Say: "I wouldn't Like That, because you might be surprised."
We were on the Carnival Ecstasy sailed from Mobile, Alabama to Casa Maya in Messico mainland south of Cancun for first stop, then back to Cozmel the next day for 12 hours there. 6 nights and 5 days I think.
Gabriel brought up an interesting point about it being Cheaper than living in a House. $269 total for the cruise with Buffet included plus every Night in the fancy dining room. That definitely makes it cheaper than living on land in a house.
There are some Extras built in Gratuities, If you want WIFI it was I think $50, Unlimited Sodas $50, Unlimited Alcoholic drinks I Can't remember$.
That ship was built in 1991 and is the oldest in Carnival's fleet. It worked Flawlessly but will be retired this October. Food was Very Good but not Fantastic....for the Price it was Fantastic. Free Hamburgers Ice Cream, and Pizza 18 hours of the day in side restaurants.
All you can eat of practically anything. Buffets were again Self Serving which I did like.
The Cruise Required China Vaccines and a Negative Test within 3 days of the cruise date. NO MASKS were worn anywhere by 99% of the Passengers but the Crew was 100% masked still. Messico does NOT require them as well, but some ships and some ports may require them in some indoor situations.
No one got sick on the ship and I did not feel in danger. The ship was only 45% capacity, which seemed empty compared to the Big Ship I was on 2 years ago with 6,000 other people. By the end of the cruise, you could recognize half the folks on there. NO issues or trouble from Anyone and there were several races and classes of people.
At least 60% of the only 1245 passengers were from Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky. From 8 months old to 88 years old. Two 80 yr old got married!
It was a great time to go on a Cruise, before the Election Virus gets turned loose this fall. I think the Skruske may be joining us on a Western Carribean cruise this Fall....he jest hasn't been "Told" yet. Anything breaks on That one and he will be "all over it."
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And there were some of these too. Look at the skinny dudette.
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This was Not Judy Brown, but I better not put her similiar photos on here.
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All shapes and sizes and didn't care to show rolls of Fat. And that's fine with me.
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Cindy and I did a Western Caribbean cruise on Carnival Freedom in 2015, including Cozumel. See the mariachi band below? Those two fiddlers claimed they didn't know "Fox on the Run," "Rocky Top," nor "Blue Moon of Kentucky." Bah!
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Good thing those boys didn't get to sample Judy Brown's desserts, cause they'd have abandoned their two daddies and Miss Judy would have brought 'em right home with y'all. No vote for JR. Ha!
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