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This is maybe best done by Email

BUT since you guys got it started I may as well thank Sid again too.For those who dont know...shame on you:rolleyes:
Thanks Sid

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Doug Is Right On Track

Thanks so much Sid for taking the time to help Mike & John with a little
something extra here in the Christmas Season. Fellows for those of you
that are uninformed Sid worked his butt off collecting up funds from those
that uses and enjoys the GGVG Board to show our appreciation for their
efforts. I am sure that perhaps several of you were not aware, or missed
Sids post (which were made several times in regard to this matter). So,
take due notice now that in the future (perhaps about early December next
year, or before if appropriate or needed) Sid (or someone) will be collecting
funds again to send to Mike & John. When that occur, I just ask each of you
that uses the board on a regualr basis (regardless if you post daily or just
sit in the background & read all the post) to dig in your pockets and lets show
these two fine fellows how much we appreciate what they do for us, and I
just imagine for pocket change for their efforts ! Mike & John just know that
there are many of us who deeply & sincerely appreciate what you do for us.
Happy Holidays & Gods richest blessings. :D :D :D

Don McCutchen

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Thanks Sid

Yes, I to would like to thank Sid. I really appreciate his effort, to
handle the "Appreciation Fund", and it made it very simple to show
some appreciation for the folks that make what is arguably the best
"Varmint Campfire" on the net possible.

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