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Deer hunting stories

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I'm sure we all have a deer story so we might as well share one....or two.

We were at our ranch at Tarpley Texas. That's in the Texas Hill Country. Deer don't get very big but some carry mighty fine racks. We commonly call them "suitcase deer". Once gutted, tie the legs together and walk off with it like a suitcase. Well on this particular day, my cousin, a Mr Kerzee, and myself were separately hunting one of the long roads on the ranch. My cousin, about 5PM shot and you could hear the bullet hit. After about 15 minutes I hear his truck start up. Since I hadn't seen anything and all of the noise, I got up and walked over to where he was hunting. Mr Kerzee came out of the thick woods laughing and I knew that crazy old man had pulled something. He told me to be quiet and wait for cousin to get back with his truck. We walked over to the deer, a nice 8 point buck when Mr Kerzee said "Son, you shot the neighbors pet deer". Cousin said "what do you mean pet deer"? Mr Kerzee said "There's a collar around the deers neck with a bell on it. Didn't you hear the bell"? Poor cousin went from proud to shamed that he killed the neighbors pet deer. Mr Kerzee confessed at supper about putting the collar on the deer after the rest of the family got to harass cousin about shooting pet deer.

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Funny! I might use that sometime!

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