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Die /case problem solved....anybody want...

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to know how?

Just send a SASE to: Greyfox along with a generous gratuity :D

Naaah, I'll share.

Actually, none of the suggestions worked by themselves alone. I ended up doing a cerrosafe cast, but it wouldn't adhere to the case walls. However, since it had a stepdown and did not touch the die wall, I had an idea. I put a drop of Super Glue on each side of the cast and dropped it back in the die, tapped it tight and waited about a minute. Turned the die over and tapped it out with a punch and a brass hammer, the broken case came with it. The satisfaction is almost worth all the hassle.

At least now I know how to do the other one and the chamber cast is cooling in it right now. I'd think I was pretty smart if I hadn't been the one that screwed up two dies in the first place :)

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Good to know how to do this---just in case.

Next question----why did the case come apart ?

A. Weldy
I think they were just wore out. These were both cases that I had originally loaded as 223, then fired in an Ackley chamber. They formed just fine, but I have noticed that several have a line around the middle of the case. I've had several 222 Rem Mag cases break like this in a chamber when fired, but had one separate never in a die. Looks like I've have to throw away some brass. Most of it is old Federal stuff that I've had for years. No telling how many times it has been fired and I picked it up used to begin with.

Hope everyone learns something.

Rick (resident cheapskate)
Thanks for sharing, GreyFox.. I was already looking for an envelope and a stamp when I read a little further! :p

Glad everything came out alright!
Glad you fixed your problem, you need to teach me some of this cheapskate stuff. Have a goodin.
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