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Doc report from yesterday!

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I went to the docs 4 1/2 weeks after surgery, got all 120 staples taken out, man does that feel better. Doc says I am doing good, go back and get a aspiration done on my hip joint towards the end of Dec., they take about 10-12 tissue samples all the way around my hip, then culture them for 2-3 weeks to check for bacterial infection. If it comes up negative, then get my new hip in the last of Jan, or the first of Feb., will be walking on it the next day. Still cannot put any weight on it till the hip is replaced. Good news I will be able to get around by the time winter is over!!!
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Keep it up Sam! More prayers for a speedy recovery!

Attaway Sam. That's not a short tunnel but there is sure enough light at the end.
Hang in there Sam...
This too shall pass...

hang tuff big guy !
Prayers for a successful hip replacement up from the DOME
Sam, Prayers are Power=

you got em up
from Ole VDoc
Thank you all for your replies and prayers!
+1 Doug & Voldoc02.

Hips and knee are two things they do very well, Sam. My buddy got his done last March. He's now getting around like he was when young. But, it's a long healing process, and they have strict rules about positions you can take, etc. But, if you do what they tell you, you'll come out the other side doing really well.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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