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Well opener ML season today, no luck this morning, and we get to shoot does for the first time in years in ML season. I was hunting about half a mile from the wife, when I heard her shoot, about 20 minutes before dark. I called her, she had shot a young doe, about 90 yards, DRT! I put my phone up, and looked back, I had 3 does coming in about 250 yds out. I was losing light fast, as I ranged the biggest doe, she hit 205 and stopped, I felt good to go since I have taken deer out to279 with this setup, Shooting BH209 and A 300 GR BALLISTIC TIP Harvester brand jacketed .451 diameter in a crush rib sabot. At the shot, the doe wheeled and took off with her tail doing a propeller imitation, and she made it the 40 yds into the woods. When we found her, she had taken a step when I shot, and the shot angled back from right behind the left shoulder to the last rib on the right side. Have them both boned out and in the fridge! Thanks for wishing us luck Charlie, it seems to have worked.
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