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Our first 500 yard shot came at the same spot and time for both of us. We were walking tall.
This was Voldoc's first trip.
His 142 gr Lapua from a 6.5 x 284 Cooper made a pencil hole and the dog crawled a ways.
My 87 V-max from a 6mm Rem 40-x skinned out the dog for me

Voldoc's first setup ever. Nebraska, a ridge overlooking a pond with 375 to 400 yd shots across the valley
First setup was his 6.5 x 284 Cooper. He passed the 500 yd. club on this first trip

I did not have a BR or improved at this point. I had told Doc about the accuracy of a 6 BR and he had one built
for this his first trip to the killing fields. Seeing the wind he had doubts about the light 6mm. Not sure but I believe
he had light bullets loaded for it. Observing the stiff Nebraska wind he pulled out the mighty 6.5 x 284 for his first set up
and did well with it. Later he set up with the 6 BR and had trouble with the wind. He put the rifle back in the carry case
and said it was too light and would not use it again on this trip. The next day he said he believed he would sell the 6 BR in
a 700 Rem. Sure enough he did not pull out the 6 again. I was thinking about it every day and on the last day I said to Doc,
"Do you mind if I try the 6 BR". He said yes and we set BR up on my bench. I reeled off 6 straight, that's 6 / 6 and said that's
enough. Voldoc said "I guess I'll keep it. It's not for sale". One of my favorite Voldoc stories.

Later we modernized and moved into the 21st century and updated to 6mm BR's and BR Improveds, BRX and Dashers.

Voldoc was an overachiever and he made his first 1,000 yard shot in S. Dakota. On my attempt I was shooting at a dog in what we thought

was the same area as Doc's. I was hitting just over his head or just left or right. What we didn't know at that time was the dog I was shooting
at was standing on very slight ridge that was not detectable with the eye it was so flat. So I kepth shooting over the top and I could easily see the splash
because as it turned out the dog was at 900 instead of 1000. The splash was on a bank 100yds behind the dog. By the time we figured that out, I was
out of ammo and had to wait till the next year.

I didn't get mine first 1000 yard club shot until the next trip when we
went to Holly, Colorado.

Voldoc's 1412 yd shot

My setup for my 1392 yd shot. The sun was setting and I put a towel over my head to block the glare.
Notice the orange tape wind flag attached to my bench.


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You two should try and relive the good old days one of these days! I have been practicing what I am preaching for the past 10 years and I have been thoroughly enjoying doing it.

Nothing would suit me better than another safari with the OLE VOLDOC.
He is the most fun guy every to be on a shoot with. Competitive as HECK
he loves nothing better than to make helicopter shots, doubles, and even the occasional triple with the 87 V-max out of a 6mm DASHER.
Complete red mist.

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The stories and pics of you hooligans on the loose were worth seeing then and they still are. There were several more "co-conspiritors" if I recall correctly. All of you with your fun meters pegged! :D
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