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yesterday i awoke to the sound of a shell being thrown into the chamber of my brothers yote gun and a window opening. i got up to see what was going on and as i heard that there was a coyote in the field i also got my 22-250.

we waited for about 10 minnutes and figured it had moved on. i was recovering from a case of strep throat and decided to lay down again.

i was just dozing off as i heard our dog, a 3 year old blue healer start barking. i raised up to see what was going on and seen it. a large male. 35-40 pounds of killing power. i immediatly ran for my rifle which due to earlier that morning was already loaded.

i raised the window and took rest on my bed post. the coyote seen me and took off running. i took lead and fired dropping him in his tracks
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