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Well guys, moving back to Florida after two years in Georgia.
Got a new job two weeks ago back in the original town where we had left two years ago -Melbourne, FL -.

After long deliberation and negociation with new employer, finally left the job in GA. that was bridging my last job and now the family is going back to where we loved it in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, we liked where we lived in GA (near Savannah) but my family's heart was back in FLA. House is for sale and waiting to sell it so to move the family down for good.

Already started the new job and living with a former roomate's place.
Hope nobody is upset in GA... But we will be returning as often as we can because personally, I loved the place a lot (hunting. friends & whatnot). Now got to find a place again where we can shoot varmints right on my back porch HAHAHA!!

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