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Fiocchi primers good?

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I get several email sale notices from different sources and notice Fiocchi primers on sale by all of them. I have never tried them. Anyone here like or dislike them? Any opinions?
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I bought some out of desperation when primers were hard to come by. I only bought the large pistol primers and they work the exact same a Remington primer. No change in velocity or performance that a chronograph can tell. I WAS a Remington primer kinda guy but I guess I'll have to be changing everything over to another brand.

BUT, I'm going to throw this in there as a FYI, if you see any Federal primers marked as a catalytic primer- avoid them. The priming materials will come out if you use a kinetic type bullet puller which means they are real tender. The priming material ends up in the powder column and could be dangerous in max loads......if it goes off at all.
Plus 1 on what trapper said. I have a goodly supply of Win. pistol and rifle primers, but I have used them in the past. FWIW, they are actually my preferred shotgun primer.

I used to use a lot of them back several years ago. I used mostly shotgun primers but did use a lot of large rifle primers as well. That was what I looked for in shot shell primers back then.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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