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Self inflicted wounds! Yeehaw!

Alan, as soon as I read that I got a bad case of "de ja voo:
1986, Kodiak Ak, Coast Guard Air Station. Was running a 7 man night shift loading planes for next days flights, and performing weekly maint on them.

We had a few guys new to the island that had not hunted but were eager to do so. On a day that I knew would be slow at work, I ran up the road a ways and popped a buck for a training aid, and showed up for work with it in tow.

We hoisted it up on the forklift and had a quickie knife sharpening drill, then proceded to show them how to drop the whole guts system without getting any unhappy stuff on the meat, and very little blood on oneself.

Ok guys, now it`s time to skin it. As I normally skinned deer on the ground, forklifts were not the norm.....
So there I was.... hehe

As I was sliding a Chicago Cutlery skinner down the inside of the left ft leg toward the hoof, holding the hoof with my right hand, ...... ready? it is....... the knife was so sharp it slid through the skin, out of the deer`s leg, and went between the two bones in my arm. Hehe, one guy went down like a toilet seat. Guess he was not ready for that. I`m here to tell you, the ache from the knife being 2 inches inside my wrist was really intense.

Taking it out was worse (and don`t do that, let the doc do it).

So there`s my admission of guilt associated with pain. I gots lots of em' hehe.

So fess up boys and gurls, who else has done the "dumb"?:confused:
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