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It looks like my shots could well be in the 3-400 yd range. Yeah, getting steady is going to be the order of the day - errrr night.
I'm contemplating the XR 100 in 223AI or a 6XC long neck on a 700 that is currently 22 250. I have the option of sitting on 2nd floor of detached garage, coffee, heat off w woods 500yds out. Would set the caller 150 + closer. Not planning on making a coyote quest of it. I have an old FP 416 iirc and picked up a new disc FP w 75 choices for cheap. Auto fade, controller screen etc.
However, a bil has some bottom ground he allowed to be hunted. Fellow took 160 hogs off it one year, so he said.
Shane, JR and anyone else, pm me the brands n models you have and what you wisht you'd got....por favor. :cool:
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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