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Left the house at 3:00 today and went back to the farm where I got the doe last week. I wanted to try another spot but as I walked down there there was like 6 inches of standing water where I wanted to sit. That ain't gonna work! So I went back to the same spot I killed the doe.

I spooked 5 out of the fencerow getting in. No shot at running deer over 200 yards. I settled in and watched 10 more come out of the thicket, but 800 yards away on the next farm.

About 4:45 I had 4 fawns come out in the field by me, about 150 yards away. Then a bigger doe and another fawn. They fed my way slowly. Patience.

The North wind died, got switchy, and I thought they were going to bust me. Took awhile for them to come across and they kept switching places. I lost track of the bigger doe, but think she was hanging in the back.

I was running out of shooting light and was set up on the bog pod again. All I had to do was lean onto it, pointed right at them.

I decided to try the first one that got close enough and this big button buck was the one. He was a good bit in front of the others and stopped just about above the tip of my gun barrel in the pic above. Quartering to me a little, I settled the bead on his shoulder and touched it off. You REALLY have to aim and follow thru with a flintlock and this time I didn't let it distract me. I clearly saw fur fly, and he hunched and stumbled away about 50 yards before going down. Perfect shot, right where I aimed and exited the off side in front of the ham.

Luckily, this one wasn't a bad drag. I had my deer cart in the truck and was able to get him home and skinned out in an hour.

I don't like to shoot fawns, especially button bucks, but this guy was pretty big for his age. Probably 80 pounds live. The farmer clearly has a deer problem, and is really happy another deer is taken off the place. He will definitely be tasty! Backstraps and eggs for breakfast. 馃構

Guys lease the bedding thicket next door and only shoot bucks. Certainly not helping things. Too many deer is not a good thing. I haven't seen a single horn on the farm this year!

I still have my flintlock tag, which is good for buck or doe, and there's a week left in the season. I ain't shooting another doe!

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Looks like more good eatin' there, Charlie. Thanks for the write up.

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Way to go...
Hope grandpaw come by next time with a sore neck
from lug'in a monster rack all good luck.


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Good job Charlie. It鈥檚 going to taste good

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Charlie, you are a neck of a hunter. Pointy sticks, flintlocks, muzzle guns, Real Rifles.
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