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Here is a step by step instructions I made up as i wnet thru the steps and wrote them down so it's more suer friendly over the intrsuction manual.

I found these to be helpful and you may copy them and keep for future reference.

Directions for Calibrating the MXX-123

(1) Zero scale
(2) Press Calibrate (note) The calibration weight is 100 grams once the Calibration button is pushed you should see in the display 100.000
(3) Press enter (once the enter button has been pushed the screen should begin flashing. At this point place the calibration weight onto the scale and weight for approximately 5 secs The number will change on the screen and you should see a balance emblem in the lower Left hand corner Once you see this emblem The calibration process is do

Directions for switching from Grams to Grains

(1) Hold Zero key for 3 secs.
(2) Use “F” Key to toggle until you see 2.unit
(3) Then press enter
(4) Use “F” Key to toggle until you see 11.GRA1
(5) Press enter
(6) The new setting will accept and the screen will show GN in the upper Right hand Corner.

Directions for changing environmental settings

(1) Turn scale off
(2) Turn scale back on and when the start up of various numbers appear press the Zero Key a 1. should appear.
(3) Press enter again it should show a 1.1.
(4) Press enter agan it should show a 1.1.2 with a ‘o’ at the lower r/h of the 2 (This is the factory defaul setting)
(5) Press “F” key until the 1.1.4 shows
(6) Press and hold the enter key (the circle should appear in the bottom r/h corner, This shows the value is set to very unstable
(7) To exit setup Press and hold zero key for 2-3 secs. The unit will power off and back on and your settings are stored.

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I especially like the ability to program the different modes. This little beauty has been a real eye opener! It was like the wool was removed from my eyes, as far as throwers and lesser scales go. It is THE best purchase I made for 2006; worth ever single penny!! Thanks again, James.

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