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There sure is a lot going on with all y'all today. So much I ain't commenting on any of it, least I will slight someone.
Happy to see we are all getting Older...that indicates we are still all Alive.
I cooked that 5# block of frozen chikin yesterday and having it every meal til it's gone. No fish around here today, but I sure would like some FFF never had any.
Judy Brown helped me separate and get 18 big calves in the barn corral this morning 500# some of them.
No Injuries yet today.
Cow wagon coming later today. JB has gone to Town to pay taxes and feed the Damgrandkid at Taco Bell. Useless as Tits on a Boar Hawg.
Joint Shoulder Leg Neck Sleeve

I cleaned her up after the Rodeo. Nude photo to add also. She got stung by a Wasp here in the house last night and it really popped her.
Human body Scar Abdomen Human leg Rectangle

She was sitting in her chair...started yelling and jerking off clothes as she got up, slinging her top at something flying away. I think she got it, but she got the worst end of the deal.
Cow man just call hes on the way...>>>>>

Cloud Sky Plant Motor vehicle Wheel
Sky Plant Cloud Plant community Motor vehicle

My FAVORITE View of Damcows....on the Cow Wagon leaving.....
Carry on and glad we didn't get injured this trip.

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Had a great afternoon popping a few doves . This hound does nothing but get better. Today he is running full blast with his head tilted back nose in air . He runs past a tree turns around and leaps in the air and catches a cripple bird in a tree that I wounded by stretching the 20 gauge Benelli M2 barrel . While the wife is watching all this I shoot another dove with out the dog being there . She goes hunting because she thinks I'll over work the dog . These Black dogs u have to be careful out in the sun during the hot humid days We work constantly on blind retrieves and hand signals. I line the hound up on the blind retrieve He is heeling to my left I say dead that gets his attention when he is looking in the right direction I say Good he has learned that it's something that he wants in that direction and his release command is Back and he leaves. When he gets in the area I holler hunt it up. He starts his hunting tale is wagging he is lite on his feet and very fast as well as eager to please. I've had multiple professional trainers tell me what a beautiful hunt he has . U can tell he loves what he does .Within 10 seconds he is running to me full speed with the bird in his mouth.Two textbook retrieves that will last a lifetime to me and my wife.It was a great afternoon it is my pleasure to hunt with a animal that loves and lives to hunt. It is all business when the shotguns come out . Don't touch me ,he doesn't want any treats just shoot him a bird so he can do his job which he does very well. Guys I couldn't ask for anything else. He is always to my left I shoot right-handed. God has given me a good wife a good dog not to much more a man could want. I started this one with a professional trainer she taught the dog obedience and provided him with the basic . He was a retrieving machine at 10 months old . I had this dog pointing flushing and retrieving at 3 months old . We started working together at 2 months old with pigeons making everything fun . What a great addition to the family he has been.
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Dog Plant Carnivore Collar Dog breed
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Dog Dog breed Sky Carnivore Plant
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