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Had a good night's sleep, popped up, snagged a canx for a long overdue pedi. Got a Mueller bbl wrapped for a fellow Hoosier. Made it for my appt.
Those reverse tapers look weird.
He finished mid pack at some indoor RF ARA Natl. etc last weekend. He's been at it 2 yrs, managed a no plug 2500 outdoors. Doing pretty good imo.
Need to get back to plumbing the tractor when l return.
KF's weather - ditto. No rain that counted overnight.
Charlie, Shane, stack'em up.
Prayers for the recovering and maintaining brothers and sisters here. Get some and Tom out.

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Noontime greetings from the sticks of Kentucky and its a cool breezy day. Light rain last night for a bit.
Plant Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting Vehicle Tree

This big bus sat in my driveway last night, I think I was some homeless refugees from Michigan.
They buzzed off South this morning for Grandkidville. We all had a fun day yesterday.
@kogersamuel sent me a photo of a .22 that is too nice for Me, but @Ken would love it.
Judy Brown has buzzed out for lunch with her GF Rhonda Vincent who is doing a show in the area tonight. I will pass.
I took a Lawnmower blade off my JD mower couple days ago.
Road surface Asphalt Grey Tar Wood

Road surface Asphalt Tar Human leg Fashion accessory

I "may" need new ones from the London Flea Market tomorrow.

I had a Shot at a Coyote while I was unrolling Hay this morning. He/She was mousing in neighbors field but I would have to fire Thru a woven wire fence at a direct line to neighbors house. I had to drive closer and left to get a Clear Shot, and by this time the Coyote realized he was in danger and started jogging. I fired one, missed and missed with the fusilade of fire after that one. Tough out of a tractor seat. EXCUSES.
Sam, be careful buddy. You are bunged up bad nuff already. Glad you are still able to tell the tale.
You folks Listen.
Be careful where you step...don't want y'all hurt.

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Good afternoon all. Kinda’ busy this morning. Pondered a multitude of world problems at the pancake joint and went straight from there to get my haircut. Always a hoot listening to a flock of old hens cackling. Much like old roosters crowing.
Spent a little time at my favorite gun shop yesterday just shooting the breeze. It can get pretty breezy. I’m right at home in that environment.

Julie’s been shopping for a “brother” for Trey. Two ladies from a pet adoption outfit are bringing a pup by tomorrow. I suspect the pup will be staying. Probably good for Trey. We’ve been a two dog family and will be again even if this guy doesn’t work out. We shall see.

Have a good day.

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Been a lazy day so far. Little redhead came early and has gotten all wifey’s Easter decorations out and is decorating the house…..
Son is building a new road across a draw south of his house about 3/4 mile. Going with him in a little while to feed cows over east.
Daughter is on her way from eastern Okla to spend a few days during spring break. Always like it when family is home. She had an interview earlier today for principal job in town not too far from where they are living now.
Prayers for our Country, Israel, Ukraine and all Y’all
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