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Friday Morning

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72° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today is only supposed to be 73° with a 40% chance of rain.

It was a long day yesterday, I was on the road at 8:30AM and got home at 6:15PM. It was all at one customers that I had to setup computers and there were problems to be solved with one.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Waseca, 60 degrees and clear, high of 77 today.
Got home OK, dropped the RV at the dealer for maintenance, nothing they told us sounded positive. We are going shopping at another dealer today.
It will be nice to have the driveway empty for a week, garage cleaning and moving furniture will be easier. Wife bought two heavy pieces from the neighbors garage sale across the street.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

73 going to only 78 this afternoon, :) about time!!! Now just pray for the people out west. I have the trailer rigged with sidebaords and painted, so time to put a load on it to see how it does. Only problem is if a load of topsoil is on the trailer the only way to remove it is with a shovel that has a well worn handle. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning folks. It's 72° here with lower humidity and a cool breeze. Feels a whole lot better this morning. We are loading the boat and truck and heading out to the Bay shortly. Not in a rush. A line of storms is expected to roll thru around noon, along with a cold front. We'll need to let it pass before we head out on the water anyway. Meeting an old fraternity brother today. We're going to show him around the middle Bay. He bought a boat and doesn't know where to go. Might pick up my little buddy Hunter on the way down. He's off school for the summer with nothing to do, being a bum as his dad says. Migh as well take him fishing.

Well, my coffee is ready. Need to guzzle it down and get a shower. Have a good one.

morning all. 45 and may get to 80 today, was cooler yesterday with the smoke and cloud cover.
Fire at 103550 acres now, slowed down some yesterday, they got some showers in spots, but also wind too.
Sprinkler work yesterday and then worked on my baler, think it just needs serviced now, unless I find problems while greasing it.
Should have parts to fix the AC on one of the hay swathers today. Hope it works afterward.
Better move along, have a good day... it's FRIDAY.
Good morning, GoGo, and good luck to Charlie on the fishing trip. It's 75 in Louisville and only going to 84. Fifty percent chance of thunderstorms around 2 or 3 this afternoon, then tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful with lower humidity and a high again around 84.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Mornin boys...
70 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Boys are working, that just don't seem right...I'm
off and they ain't here. They was pretty wore out yesterday
when they got home.
Guess they see how why old dad
don't feel like doing a lot when he gets home. Lol
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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Good Morning from the sticks of Kentucky and after the storm we had yesterday evening, most of the Sticks are lying on the ground right now. Big Blow of straight line wind yesterday about 7 pm, blew down numerous trees, 2 in my yard, blew a lot of big limbs out of an old Sycamore in my yard....Just got the Geo moved in time as a big one hit right where it was parked. I suppose Skruske will find it easier to get his log truck camper up my driveway now. I have already cut some off the fences and i have a lot more to go. It will take a week to get this cleaned up.
I don't know what a microburst is exactly, but I think we had one. The winds were from the North West to start, then switched 180° and came from the southeast.
But no serious damage,...bit of roof blown off a couple barns, but hopefully no dead Damcows. I haven't Checked all of them yet.

Other that THAT, a nice day in KENTUCKY.
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Good morning to all you fine fellar's here at Varmints den. Usually just read your post but thought I'd drop in to say howdy and give you a brief update on my condition. Went back to the hospital after only a day and a half. Bad reaction to some heavy duty antibiotics. Came home day of the fourth and not doing to bad so far. Signed up with hospice the next day and hobbled into the VA for my diabetes serum yesterday. Still pretty sore from the burst appendix and THEY said would take some weeks to get over. All in all hoping to have a little clear minded time to dispose of some toys the wife won't be needing. Never realized how much BS I had aquired and or spent on it. I am able to get around pretty good and still have a belly drain attached. I have come to the realization I'm not going to beat this situation unless the higher power to be sees differently. I will be forever grateful for all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers "youse guys" have sent my way. Again thank you kindly OH! my weather report DAMNHOT, DAMNHUMID, and for now still Jus Doug and DAMNWELL JUS SAY"N:D:eek::)
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Thanks for the update Doug...
Still pray'in...

56 on the way to 85 here today.

Lots to do around the homestead today. Older dog to the vet first thing this morning.

Wildfires continue. Largest fire is now almost 89,000 acres.

Have a good day and be careful out there.
Good afternoon all....little bit better here as far as the weather goes today. Still welding cones together...had to do a quick repair job on a implement earlier.

Decided to pull the barrel on my 12FV 6.5CM and put my 20Tac barrel on it...they must bead blast the things once they are all together because the was shot just packed under the front end of the barrel nut along with some goopy greasy looking crap...luckily the barrel and nut were removed with no problems. Now I just need to open up the forend just a tad for the heavier barrel of the 20...1.050" straight. Should get my new bolt head tomorrow I think then I'll test it out....figured this route would be easier than swapping them in the field.

Need to do some mowing and other chores today too since the weather is better.

Doug prayers sent! hang in there and keep a positive out look!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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Good afternoon

Good afternoon all. About 2:00 and about topped out for the day at 80 degrees in Indy. The AC got back to working properly yesterday afternoon and I'm darned happy about it. Been a busy day so far but I'm pretty much doing nothing for the rest of the day. Got that down pat.

We'll keep praying, Doug. Hang in there.
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