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Good Morning from soggy south Minnesota, it's been raining all night, 71 degrees still raining for most of the day.
I guess I will keep working around the house getting things unpacked and organized, made a lot of progress yesterday.
Wife has mentioned that she would like to go somewhere today. Don't know where yet.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,

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We could use a little rain here in western Ky. As usual,
when ya have a wet spring, the rain just doesn't taper off,
it just stops altogether. I had a sprinkler system installed
last fall, and It running 4 times a wk. I may have to plead for
donations to pay the water bill. Humidity is down again
this morning. It got to 100 yesterday afternoon. I dont know
what to expect today. Ya'll have a good un. BTW RUUUUUGER
only rules, when Donnie is shooting by himself. LDS

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Now Larry...
Look at the quote on WD's posts...
Big G's...Pure wisdom I tell you...
If we don't get some bullets for'em, guess
they'll just sit around and you all will have to
worry about'em for years to come. Cant ware'em out
if you don't shoot'em...


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