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Friday Morning

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57° here in Upstate NY on another fine morning, the high today will be about 80°.

It was a nice day yesterday I wasn't as busy so I could enjoy the day more. Hopefully today will result in the same, I need some quiet days sometimes.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

61 now headed for 90 and [email protected]#@@ That puts the breaks on me for sure other the real weekend. I have 4 garden beds done and 40 more to go!! Well the coffee is done the water is running on the garden time to see whats in store for today. Prayers to those and country. Mike
Morning gang. It's 63º here with high humidity and going to 90+ today thru the weekend. It's bike week in G-burg. Need to watch out driving. They're everywhere. I try to stay out of town as much as possible.:rolleyes:

Woo-hoo, It's FRIDAY. :) Not much planned for the weekend. Have to mow the ole widder neighbor's yard tonight. Miss Sue plans on staining the deck at some point, if it doesn't rain. I'm working at the shop a bit tomorrow, then going to a seafood dinner at the fire hall tomorrow night. Need to take a few guns for raffles, and get AYCE seafood, and actually get paid to do it. Can't beat that with a stick. Sometime this weekend, I need to do a bit more gel coat work on the boat, then get to thinking about getting ready for Hatteras in a couple weeks.

Better get moving. Have a good one!

morning all. 50 and humid for a change. Had a short shower yesterday afternoon, was nice to smell the rain, but it really didn't last long enough to do much, hope it put more down up on the wildfire.
Firefighters still at it, slowly getting control of a beast takes time. Rough country to try to stop a fire in.
Didn't have to give blood yesterday :D numbers finally down where the doc wants them. Got parts for the farm and was home before lunch. So had the afternoon to try to catch up on things.
Slept in again today, could be habit forming :rolleyes:
Better find some breakfast and get moving.
Have a great FRIDAY even if it is the 13th.
Mornin boys...
68 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
She feels good to get to sleep in on Fridays.
Boys have been pouring concrete all week, said they
might not work long today. Told'em we might go
after a smallmouth if they wanted this evening.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning the shop for a few then off to do a little more consulting then back here for more cone welding. Got most of my stuff ready for blast off next week I just need to get it in one spot ready to load on the truck. I had to put a new idler arm on my blazer last night after replacing it 3 months ago. Hopefully this one isn't a turd like the last one was.

Hope everyone has a good day!
Great morning folks,

At this late morning hour ;) we see 70° with humidity rising from an early morning rain here near Halfway USA. Most of the rest of the rain to our west will pass to the north.

Moving dirt with Corey & Mike was productive yesterday. We relocated 10 loads. 2 here, 5 at Corey's & 3 at Mike's new property. The ******* Limo did the heavy hauling in a big dump trailer. In the afternoon I dropped it off for some new tires. Should be rolling with new Firestones in a couple hours.

Today's tasks are for Deb & I to meet with our insurance agent for a business lunch. He has us transitioning everything over to another company & that should cut our annual cost by about $700. Got drop by Sears & exchange a wrench that was acquired yesterday.

Gathering & packing is underway. I have Corey, Chris & the damnclown :D farmer's stuff. That along with stuff to haul to Wyoming. I hope the big double wide & ******* Limo have enough room. Our departure is delayed because of a funeral and an award DD will receive on Monday.
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Good morning, GoGo. TGIF! It's 68 in Louisville, going to 93 today. Mid-90s for the weekend with Heat Indices around 103-104 both days. At least my tomatoes are finally ripening, although I'm not sure the heat has anything to do with it. I was looking at 'maters in the grocery the other day and medium to large beefsteaks like I'm growing are selling for about $1 apiece. Some of mine will be eaten fresh, but most will get dried and used in various recipes year-round.

I had to put a new idler arm on my blazer last night after replacing it 3 months ago. Hopefully this one isn't a turd like the last one was. !
I feel your pain, Shane. Car parts companies have written off any quality control, and it happened quite a while back. About 20 years ago I bought a new Dodge Dakota pickup. Didn't have it long before the power steering pump started leaking. I think I had that pump replaced three times before we got one that would stay tight. And those were all "factory" parts installed by the dealer. Makes me want to bite nails. Parts stores and dealers are often happy to replace the part, but when you ask about the labor required they start hemming and hawing. :mad:

Got a new Sightron 10-50x60 mounted on my Savage 6BR last evening. I still have to level it, but things are fitting so far. If any of you morning regulars are interested, I may be selling the Weaver CT-36 that came off that gun. Can't decide whether to sell it or hang on to it and buy a rifle to put it on. Haven't decided on an asking price, so how about helping me price a good used T-36 with 3" sunshade and mounted in 1" medium Burris Signature Zee Rings.

Miss Cindy may not understand how upgrading a scope on one rifle ends up requiring me to buy another rifle. Ha! :D

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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Good morning from the beautiful Meth capital of the free world. I still think there is a conspiracy in this meth and herion epidemic to destroy our country from within. Hitlery Clinton probably has a hand in it to generate more Democrat Voters on the dole.
Gathering & packing is underway. I have Corey, Chris & the damnclown farmer's stuff. That along with stuff to haul to Wyoming. I hope the big double wide & ******* Limo have enough room. Our departure is delayed because of a funeral and an award DD will receive on Monday.

Skruske, I resemble that remark.. by the way, who is Chris? I hope it's a Female, so we can have some real entertainment out there.....dishwasher coming this trip? Maybe bring Stormy Daniels now that she is out of jail....just a suggestion.

I'm not sure what Monday you are talking about leaving.....I think I arrive on Monday, but I can stay at
Shotgun Willies while waiting for you.
What flight is Corey talking? We may be on the same one.

On VACATION again after 12 Noon, headed to McDonald's I guess.
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It was in the upper 60's at 5:15 in the hollow this morning. Going into the mid 90's later today. Mix of stuff to do including loading most of the bulky stuff in the trailer for the Safari, meaning portable garage (AKA tent), camp stove, two pop up's, cot, various tarps, shovel, ropes and such, might even leave room for some firearms and ammo. Work day on the new range tomorrow. We have to lay out for the berms, pads and reconfigure the width of both rifle ranges. It seems that once the trees were cleared we have a pretty high hump on the side for the short range. It's too much to expect to cut it all down but we can probably move some. Fortunately, the short range will mainly be used for 100 yard shooting when the big range is in match use. We will have to make lots of adjustments as thing move along. This is just one of the first.

Stay cool,
G'day Y'all,
55 on the way to 80, or so they say. Seems we had some rain sneak in last night. Not to heavy, but it should help with the fires.

Tire problems on one of our trucks yesterday. Spent half of the day at the tire store. I,have to go back this morning to get the tire they ordered put on.:mad:

Have a great Friday and be careful out there.
Charlie, I feel your pain. This weekend the local Harley shop starts his customer appreciation week with vendors and displays. This leads into our "Roar on the Shore" next week end. Over 100,000 motorcycles will converge on Erie. Time to leave town. (but not before I go to the Harley dealer and watch the girls wash the motorcycles for a couple of minutes or hours).

Greek church has its fund raising festival this w/e, good food lots of neighbors. That is in walking distance .
I had spend a goodly portion of my life in the auto parts industry. For front end parts MOOG is the best. Unless they have gone overseas.

it is always nice to have a known good scope around for testing and load development. The 36 X Weavers are pretty tough and tough to beat.
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