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Friday Morning

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64° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature going up to about 78°. We have a chance of some more rain today and a low chance tomorrow also. We have had almost 6" of rain so far this month in my area.

It turned out to be quit a nice day yesterday but most of my time was spent inside fixing computers so I didn't really get to enjoy it to much.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning from Dudley's Corner fuel stop. We left early on the trip so I can get a haircut at 1pm in Ankeny. Spending the weekend with the kids and grandkids before heading to Lebanon Missouri.
Low is 56 right now so another great weekend ahead.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

61 here in NC Ohio and WOW the clouds aligned and dumped 4 inches of rain on us around 6PM last night. Sure wish it would be possible to share with those out west. Nothing special planned today have blood test to do and need a couple large traps. Need to fix my backstop so I can do some 100 yard sight-in' here at home. Only problem don't matter which way it sits there's someones home in the background. Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 49 with low 80s for this afternoon, also still a slight chance of rain.
Worked on a sprinkler yesterday morning then on the big blue tractor in the afternoon, leaking antifreeze, finally got that fixed then went to help a neighbor bale some oat hay and my baler broke down, will try to get it going today. Either with new parts if they have them in town or I'll try to weld it back together.
Gwyn got home from her work trip last night so breakfast is almost ready, better get to it.
Have a great day, it's FRIDAY again already.
good FRIDAY morning folks. It's 70º here and not quite so humid. Feels nice out. I finally got my yard mowed last night. Even had to mow the back yard that I did Sunday, again. Hopefully when I get back from the beach it's not a hay field. Going to see if I can get the ole widow's mowed tonight if it's not too wet. Need to figure out how many fishing rods to take and start packing the boat. Won't take me long. I could be ready in about 2 hours if you said "let's go!".

Last day of work here and I doubt my productivity level is real high. :rolleyes: I've got to work a few hours at the gun shop tomorrow. I have a viewing to go to this morning for an old family friend. Mom's out of town so I have to at least make an appearance. Guess I should at least look busy.

Have a good one!

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Woke up in my own bed this morning to the alarm going off at 4:30 AM. I arrived back home from Montana yesterday evening about 4:00 PM after approximately 30 hours on the road. Couldn't sleep in as I had to take my wife to the airport for a 7:00 AM flight. Back in the real world after a week of sleeping on a cot in a tent on the Montana prairie, wandering around all day searching out prairie dogs and generally having a good time. Scott, the Damncowfarmer and a couple of guys from MI are still there until Sunday and Monday, but some of us are back. After eighteen years of doing this I can say that no two trips are alike, but all are pretty good, with one lone exception, a dusty, windy trip with almost no dogs on our last venture to Holly CO. There were fewer dogs this trip for whatever reason, but there were enough for a good time. The camaraderie was great, the food was out standing and if the dogs were a little sparse, it was no big deal. I'll spend today through Sunday attempting to catch up with business, grass and unloading the trailer. It's good to be home.
G'day Y'all,
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Mornin boys...
66 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Friend is coming over to shoot some today.
Boys are working so going to see if I can pull
the trigger without'em...been a long time since
at least 1 of'em aint going with me to shoot.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning, GoGo. Working from home today and running late, both on the board and logging in to work. It's 72 in Louisville and only going to 84 today. Tomorrow is supposed to be even a couple of degrees cooler, which will be wonderful. I'm hoping to hit the range in the morning to check out a new scope and a new coaxial top for my front rest. It's a public range (Knob Creek, near Fort Knox) so I need to get most of my testing done before the yahoos start showing up around noon.

Woke up in my own bed this morning to the alarm going off at 4:30 AM. I arrived back home from Montana yesterday evening about 4:00 PM after approximately 30 hours on the road.
Welcome home, Rick. Was Skruske posted a couple of times and there was some mention of plague killing out the dogs on the main ranch you've been shooting there in Montana. I hope that was fake news and am anxious to learn more.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
No fake news. The dogs are fewer & the big ranch was big bust 'cept for an isolated 80 acre patch on the very south edge.

Even with a couple new places to shoot, ya gotta pick & choose. Then you probably won't get a follow up unless you're quick to the trigger with one of them automagical rifles.

Going to the Hughes place to clean up what might be left & if it dries up we will try long range.
Good morning everyone....back in the shop today and as figured things are piled up and a general cluster%*@$. Got home and unloaded yesterday and sat around for a few before taking the wife to dinner.
PD safari was a damn good time and like Greyfox mentioned we didn't have barrel burning conditions but the whole crew was good bunch and we ate good as well. Scott's Turkey dinner got a big thumbs up and was much appreciated.
Weather was great as well with only one day while I was there looking like rain but it just blew real good for a bit. Well back off to work for a while to try to straighten some things up.

Here was camp from atop the hill.
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Gooooooooood Morning Varmints Den

Well some weeks out now from my health issues and am feeling really good today. Really enjoying the PD war reports and glad there were no casualties on your end:eek::D Not a whole lot to report on my end. Have been building up that Franklin Arms 17wsm at least gathering the components to try it out off the back porch. Picked up a LNIB Leupold VX3i 4.5-14x50 30mm tube for $550 and did some trading for and Atlas bipod. I'm using a Burris AR-P.E.P.R. mount. hope I can get around to shoot it soon. Should any body wonder what happened to this sight send em my way The thoughts and prayers I BELIEVE have Helped me tremendously over these past weeks and could have only come from a great bunch of guys like you. Maybe its not the same place as the past maybe its BETTER. Again thanking you all ever so kindly Jus Doug:)
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