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Friday Morning

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64° here in Upstate NY this morning with a high temperature of 74° expected. We are supposed to get more rain today with a chance of flash floods in some areas.

UP and down day yesterday, nothing serious just some problems that were perplexing as to why someone would do something like they did. I got through the day though and that is what counts.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

63 this morning in NC Ohio. Is this Saturday or Friday? All I can say is this retirement life after 33 years of working leaves you in a void. Take time to smell the roses on your way too retirement. Well I have that 20 yard load of topsoil coming today at 3:00 and I have a few things to do before its here, better to do in the cool of morning than afternoon heat. Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from Lebanon. 69 now, high of 94. I have a single AC on the RV, it is hard pressed to keep it cool for with near 100 degree heat.
More good music last night. I didn't do much much yesterday other than hold my lap baby tomcat. That needs to change today. Wife and I are responsible for the group meal at 3:30.
Hope everyone has a blessed day
No sleepums attacked last night, surrounded me, being held hostage. Problem being no one wants to ransom me out. 😕
Turning the crank in rehab, time and effort with daily improvements noted.
Must have dozed off.....gooood.
Now why do I feel the need for Palace Escort to the throne..... @ shift change? I'll be doing some off those cheek squeezing exercises.
I think my first goal will be allowance of unattended standing and walking, walker of course.
Hey, going to grab another couple of winks, Tom down but not out.
Mornin boys...
66 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Didn't have to go in 2 hours early this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 54 with only 75 for the high today, good chance of moisture today… we'll see how that works out.
Baled the rest of the field yesterday, now wait for the next one to dry out.
Got new batteries in one of the stacking semis. No more jump starting the big ole Mack.
Worked on the roll over sprinkler project, got new nozzles on and the tower electric box repaired, waiting for the sprinkler guy to come finish up the wireing.
Have a flat tire on one sprinkler to change out today and another sprinkler broke down, haven't checked it out yet.
Got a package from the brown truck yesterday, a drop in 3lb trigger or the AR of my choice... hmm, which one to try it in??? Bought it for the 6.5 creedmore but have to finish the 80% lower first.
Better move along, it's FRIDAY for whatever that means around here.
Good morning folks. It is 75° here with a few passing showers, but should be mostly sunny today. Wind is still blowing. No fishing today. Tomorrow is our last chance to get offshore. Talked my bud into staying one extra day to try. We have room in our house for a few and he's dying to fish. Me too. :rolleyes: Yesterday I did dunk the boat and took the girls to the sandbar. My bud brought their whole gang out. I tried to fish, but spent an hour digging out a bird nest in a reel the one of the kids made on his second cast. :( Some of the kids caught a few small fish though. They had fun.

Not sure what's in store for today. I need to do some shopping for an anniversary gift and card. Ours is Sunday. We get to spend all day together...driving home. Oh well.

Coffee is ready. Better get some. Have a good one.

Great morning from the wiles of Wyoming were it is 67° with some clouds.

Important tasks were accomplished yesterday. I went to the dry lake bed in search of brass, attended the county fair for a couple hours. The highlight of which was watching grandson number one bungee jump up & down. We did see the beauty pageant in the sheep ring. I sent pics to Charlie & KYF. Chores also got handled. The fresh water tanks are full, inside is cleaned up and things are stored back where they belong.

Doug & I browsed a couple gun shops. I think I need a Kahn Midland Backpacker 12ga for no particular reason. Might be a handy thing if you own a fishing boat Charlie.

Laundry & RZR riding for today.
Upper 60's in the hollow this morning with fog. There is a tradition in TN that the number of fogs in August corresponds to the number of winter snows. We'll keep a count and see.

Thanks to all the well wishes regarding my new grandson. He and his Mom will be going home from the hospital today and adjusting to some new realities. I have obligations today and tomorrow but I will see him on Sunday. Probably should take him a firearm as a birthday gift :). Need to contact Medicare today or Monday. After several years they have suddenly decided they no longer want to cover my chiropractic visits. I guess they'd rather pay for an orthopedic surgeon. Bureaucratic assholes.

Mostly business today, with a trip to Sam's Club this afternoon to pick up food and drink for tomorrow's UBR match. This month looks to be busy with matches. Only next W/E is free and the UBR Nationals will be at the end of this month. Hope I don't run out of bullets.

G'day Y'all,

Good almost not morning anymore all. It's 75 in Indy heading for 86. Cloudy but very slight chance of precip. Slept in a bit, made it to breakfast, then went to the west side to gather intel from the least likely source. Senior softball players! BS, coffee, and the worst donuts on the planet. Never seen a donut before that a retired cop wouldn't finish. Definitely not from Long's Bakery. The BS is quality stuff, though.

Today is the 27th anniversary of me hitting the wife lottery. We don't make a big deal out of it. Probably go out for dinner tonight which we did last night and the night before and...............

Y'all have a good day.
Congrats Doug and Julie. Ours is Sunday. I need to find SOMETHING for Miss sue before we leave OBX. Gonna spend the most of our big day on the road. Ugh...
Congratulations for You and Julie. Our anniversary is toward the end of month and only our 47th.
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