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Friday Morning

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52° here in Upstate NY this morning and raining again, the high temperature is to get up to about 64°. There is a 90% chance of rain so it will probably be raining all day.

Another full day of computers yesterday and it looks as if the trend will be the same for today. I guess it will be good to keep busy inside with the weather outside.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

46 here in NC Ohio with patchy fog. Plenty of jobs for me to stay busy, my biggest problem is staying with one job till its done!!! Watch most of the hearing yesterday. All I can say is I'm with Greyfox, Amen brother. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Don't tell anyone your a conservative in a restaurant!!! Mike
Great morning folks,

Mostly cloudy, 54° and a calm wind. A little rain may sweep through from the northwest but it will be short lived here near Halfway USA.

Yesterday seemed to skip from one screw up to the next. We didn't leave the house on time because the ******* Limo didn't start. I'm hoping it was only one battery that needed the terminals cleaned. I expect I should crawl under it, disconnect the starter cables & clean those too.

Menards didn't have my order ready when I went to pick it up so I pulled most of it myself. The guy driving the fork lift warned me about over loading my truck. I kind of grinned at him and said "if your fork lift can pick it up, my truck can haul the load and your lift." Once the pallet of concrete blocks were in place he looked & said, didn't even push down to the helper springs. :D Most everything was on board to build two more shooting benches at the range. I get the mold finished this morning.

In the afternoon, we stopped by Deb's aunt's place. Her cousins are having the estate sale. Deb picked a couple items she was fond of & those have a new home in the china cabinet here.

Had to stop by her dad's. Bill hasn't been carrying proof of insurance in his truck since he bought it in July. :rolleyes: That got taken care of. Next little crisis was the postal carrier gave him a warning to "fix the holes by the mail box" or mail delivery will be suspended. Bill lives on a state highway & the shoulder of the state highway is rutted away, mostly from the postal carrier riding down the shoulder of the state highway. It's a state highway. The state highway department is responsible for maintenance. Deb went to the small town post master and explained the situation. Post master agreed that the mail will continue to be delivered to an upset 83 year old man. Deb called the state highway department and left a message about the situation. We intend to hold our breath until it gets repaired. :rolleyes:

One good piece of the day. A fuel pack gas can I ordered on Ebay did arrive. It took me a very short time to install it in Deb's RZR. It is a 1.3 gallon can with thick walls to handle the bouncing. It has a twist lock to secure it in place. It DOES NOT have one of those stupid vapor nozzles, just a flex tube that will actually pour fuel! If you have an off road toy, these can be had for about $38 on ebay.

Due to all the screw ups through the day, we didn't get to relax by rummaging. We will do that today. :D
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Good morning. We have the same conditions Mike has. If this trend continues I’m gonna’ have to find some long pants. I’m disgusted by the carnival side show the Dems are putting on. That’s all I have to say about that or my head might explode.

Youth deer season is upon us. I’ve got a great niece who will be after a big buck they’ve seen on their property. She’s 9 and took her first deer last year. Her little brother is pretty much ho-hum but she’s a deer-slayer like her daddy.

Off to the pancake blind. Have a good day.
morning all. 36 here to start, low 70s later.
Had a nice frost yesterday morning, made baling good, got two fields done, on to the next this morning.
I got four more sprinklers drained yesterday, only twenty more to go!
Gwyn says breakfast is ready so better get.
It's FRIDAY. Have a great day and weekend.
Mornin boys...
59 here high on RUGER Mt this monrin
Rained most of the day yesterday and might today.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Looks like I will be monitoring the sump pump in the crawl space after we got 6" of rain over the past 2 days. Making an unfamiliar noise on start up like a piece of loose drainage pipe banging around. We needed some rain, but not 6", the average monthly rainfall for around here is ~3" for the entire month of Sept., but we are a lot better off than those over on the east coast for sure. Also have to get the RV ready for next week and cut the yard if it dries out enough.
good morning folks. It's 59º here with clouds. I think the rain is over for a few days??? Boy it sure poured last night. It rained until at least 2 AM...I know, I was up.:rolleyes: Had a fairly successful night though. I'll update my "SKUNK" post in a minute.:) TGIF Dean. It's been a long week and I'm tired. Didn't get much sleep last night and the dog got me up early to go out again. Tomorrow is the 1st day of PA archery and I'm not going out. We have a goofy little 8 pt at the house. He's young, 2.5 maybe, but his horns are like an antelope. The spread is about 6" and it's about 15" high with 3 on top of each. He was in the yard when I got home last night and watched me drive by. He was bedded in the front yard when I was on skunk patrol.

Well, time to update my other post and then get busy. Have a good one!

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