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Friday Morning

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30° here in Upstate NY this morning under clear skies, the high temperature today is to get up to about 48°. Starting tonight and going through Sunday morning it is to rain and they say we could get up to 2" to 3" total.

Yesterday saw me on the road once again quite a bit, I got the new customer a camp ground fixed up for now. I think I will be spending some time there next year in their busy season. Today I have the afternoon free and I am hoping I can get the lawn mowed and leaves mulched.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Happy Friday

46 degrees here and that’s about where it’s gonna stay all day they say. Spent most of yesterday evening moving firewood and I’m feeling it this morning. That’s alright though, it’s out of the woods now so bring on the rain this weekend.

I got the 221 Fireball barrel screwed back on the Savage so I'm hoping to get out with it this weekend.
Good morning, 43 and cloudy, maybe could rain. High in the mid 50's. Farmers are working hard on the harvest before it rains again. Beans first, corn can be picked after a light snow, beans cannot.
I had a Steven's Straight Line target pistol follow me home from the last trip to Iowa. Need get it cleaned and oiled today.
I did get a drive license yesterday, then got home and the boiler repair guy was here. Coming back today with quotes.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Great morning folks,

A little less cool than it has been at 40° with the cloud cover here near Halfway USA. 54° is the expected high later. Chance of rain late today.

Debra Dearest accompanied me on the trip to the range. She shot her little Rooger 380, Colt Detective, a Bearcat & a Smith 66. Her skills with a pistol are suited for self defense in close quarters. Just a bit more practice & she could qualify for Space Shuttle Door Gunner school. At the very least, shot gun seat on an RZR. :D

I was pleased that the first cold bore shot out of my 30-06 ripped right through the center of the 100yd target. Follow up shot was just to it's left. The 300mag got dialed down 2.25moa & also left a mark on the center. Ready for November deer camp.

Grass is going to get cut today. I could stand to wait a day but rain is in the forecast for the weekend.

Harvest is well underway at this latitude. Soys, Navy & Black beans are leaving the fields. Tandem, live bottom & single dump trucks have been crowding the roads as have Combines. The state highway 1 mile away is in it's later stages of construction and blacktop is going down at a rate a couple miles a day. Clock is ticking on that work & them folks are supposed to done by November 1.

The gun club news letter is complete, just got to fold & stamp it this morning.

Looks like our Florida trip has been delayed until later into November. We let other lesser important things crowd their way into our calendar. :rolleyes:
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morning all. 28 this morning with 60 coming for a high. No moisture in sight as things dry out again.
Mountains are nice and white now, starting to look good up there, hope it keeps coming.
Worked damcows again yesterday, moved some around to fresh feed. All they wanted to do is run, hard to slow them down even on the county roads.
Not sure what will happen today, better go find out.
Have a great Friday.
Good Morning

41 here in NC Ohio with rain real close. Full day yesterday, for an old fart. I taught Hunter Ed for 35 years and during that time worked real close with the Ohio Wildlife DNR. Tim was a young friend of the Marion county wildlife officer while I was teaching , now a biologist with the DNR, showed up with his 17 year old son and got ladders out and cleaned both chimneys for burn season. All because they didn't want me on the roof. What goes around comes around. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
41 on the way to 73 in the far reaches of Northern California.

Good morning to all you Varmints.

Well,the lion in the area must have moved on for the time being, or some good citizen “moved” the lion along. The bear is still around, hitting garbage cans. The dogs pay him little mind, as he has been around forever. He lives up a steep, heavyly forested area accross the road. I have seen him a few times, a big boy! We had a bear living on our property near the Oregon border. We knew where he laid up during the day. I told the wife to get on one side of the narrow strip of fir trees and I would send the dogs from the other side so she could get a picture. She looked at me like I was crazy (she was only about 1/2 right). To think, she used to be fun......

Have a good day boys and be careful out there!
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A wet Good Morning to all of your varmiteers. 41 degrees, with a 100% humidity, rain and a southwest wind up here on the wind blown prairie. Tried to Finish up on the beans yesterday, but the Black Ghost showed up around 4:00. The feeder house chain broke and went into the combine and tore up some stuff. So that slam shut us down. Down to one combine and the rain shut that one Down. Have just less than 1 section to be done, a real bummer.
On the positive side with the rain forecast for the next 3 days we should be able to catch on drying the beans. They are wet, 2 dryers running and can’t keep up to the combines. They are running 24 hrs a day. They will get the combine apart this morning and order the parts. We will see how far we have to go for the parts. A couple weeks ago the electric clutch on the axial flow cylinder failed. Closest one was Fremont, Nebraska. Over400 miles away. All the dealers up here were out of them. Sort of looks like John Deere has a problem, the damn thing is wound with cheap aluminum wire. It corrodes and shorts out. We have a Hutterite Colony up here that has A very good electrical shop. They are real busy and not fast. The clutch is over there and will be rewound with copper wire for next time.

The coffees done, better have breakfast and be ready for the parts run to who knows where.
Have a good one and whatever your doing do it safely.
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Good morning from Bethany Beach DE where it's 47° and calm. We were up early and down to OCMD to try to get on a head boat to fish and nobody else showed. Not enough bodies. So we're probably going to fish the inlet from the rocks. Probably won't catch much but you never know. One thing is sure, we are not working.

Gotta run. Have a good one


Good Friday morning all. It's a rainy mid 40s in Indy and that's what we get all day. Not going to be a great night for high school football for those loyal fans who are going. I'm none of 'em. The mighty (no kidding) New Palestine Dragons are playing the team that knocked them out of the tournament last year. Revenge is a dish best served cold and wet!

Recent posts have made me wanta' wander a bit. The Ark Encounter seems like something I need to see. By the way, it is NOT the ark that was built up here. That one is much smaller but it did go to somewhere in KY. Clingman's Dome is now also on the want-to-do list. I've seen signs for it but, since Birdog threw out the bait, I want to take a bite.

Got a few errands to run before we go downtown for lunch with the owner/driver of the racecar I used to work on. Always fun talking about the good old days. By the way, racecar backwards is racecar.

Have a good day.
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Low 50's and light rain. Looks like it will be like this all day and into the night. Don't have a lot lined up for the day other than loading up for tomorrow's match and making a vary large pot of white bean soup. Will probably take two thirds to the match and freeze the rest. Might make a pile of corn bread sticks as well. We'll see what the day brings.

G'day Y'all,
Mornin boys...
47 and rain here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Football game last night and didn't get home til about 1.00.
We all slep in this morning. First day Elijah has missed this year.
We won 38 -- 12 but we had to play 11 of the other team and the 5
refs. It was the worst called game I've been to. Oh yeah, get a 20 yard penalty
for to many on the field...never heard of The boys sucked it up and
kicked butt anyway.
Might try to load some today for the Mountain Man Match tomorrow.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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Charlie, If you ain't nothing, you are tenacious. If I had all the you go through with the boats, weather, travel, weather and so on to go fishing I would take up knitting.

GF, shoot good at the match, make us proud. I hope the "reports" from the beans are not louder than the rifles.

Charlie, If you ain't nothing, you are tenacious. If I had all the you go through with the boats, weather, travel, weather and so on to go fishing I would take up knitting.

GF, shoot good at the match, make us proud. I hope the "reports" from the beans are not louder than the rifles.
Somebody's gotta' say it............. you ain't right!
Well at least we didn't have to work! And we caught some fish. Not big enough but did I say we didn't have to work? This is a tautog aka blackfish. They are excellent eating but need to be 16 inches to keep. We used to fill coolees of these in the 80's.

And we met Larry's brother and had a beer on a beautiful sportfisher.

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