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Friday Morning

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50° here in Upstate NY this rainy windy morning. The temperature went up overnight and we may see some highs today in the upper 50's. We have a flood watch through tomorrow evening. We are to have heavy rain at times all day they are predicting.

Yesterday I was on the road all day again and today I am hoping I can do the majority of my work here at home.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

Good Morning George and others to follow. It's 39 here in NC Ohio with more rain on the way. Need to go with my friend to the Amish upholster to check on his 39 ford pick-up interior install. The man is slow but one of the best in the country. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Christmas is here take time to enjoy family,friends, and the reason for the season. Mike
Great morning everyone,

40° with light rain and light wind here near Halfway USA. I do believe every state east of the Mississippi will get rain today. Winter begins at 5:23pm at this latitude & longitude.

Yesterday's tasks are behind me. It took an hour and a half to remove all the old silicone and replace it with a fresh coat of white in the tub surround. The wood stove got cleaned out. House is cleaned in anticipation of family coming for Christmas get together on Saturday. Deb & I did just a bit more Christmas decorating because, more was needed. :rolleyes:

I finished out the day sorting brass until all of it was sorted. :D Yankin' on the Rock Chucker will commence on Sunday.

Today's list of stuff to do include groceries getting shopped for today. One more last minute gift to find then wrap. Putting off paying the state for license plates won't be put off any longer.
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Mornin boys...
45 and rain here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Got to work tomorrow, moving a 6000 gal. propane tank to
1 of the schools. That should be fun.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 11 here, going to mid 40s again today, still dry. Chance of snow on Christmas day, some wind each day.
Think we are about ready to hit the road for our middle sons' house. Gwyn has to work for a while this morning, then we'll pack up the Subbie and head out, about a four to four and a half hour drive. Roads should be good since we've yet to have winter.
Damcows got out and ran away for a while yesterday, dog got another good workout. But we got them back in and fence repaired again. Not sure if we have any place that will hold them. Guess JR needs to come out and build us some 'lectric fence! :)
Better get around, not sure when I'll be back on here till Sunday night. Gwyn set up my phone so I can check in but don't know if I'm smart enough to figure out how to post. :eek:
Have a great FRIDAY and weekend, keep safe and warm.
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Good morning from Bartonville Texas, it's a chilly 38 this morning. High of 60 later.
Today is a continuation of yesterday.
Christmas will be just the kids, us and Dan's mother. Small family.
Happy winter solstice to everyone.
good Friday morning folks. It's 58º here :eek: headed to the upper 60's today with rain and potential flash flooding. The big creek I cross on the way to work is already over bank. Must have poured last night. It's ugly sweater day at work and I figure I've got it in the bag. I won't stoop to Kardashian level and post any selfies, but lemme just say it's bad.:rolleyes: Ought to be good for a few laughs. Still not sure if/when I'm working next week. Might just take off Monday and work Wed-Fri. Sure have enough things to do.

Well, I guess I should get busy. Prayers offered. Have a good one!


Dean...if the board comes up in Mobile View, just click the 3 bars at the top left of the page for the menu and scroll down to Exit Enhanced Mobile View. The page will change back to look just like it does on the 'puter. Safe travels...
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Good morning, GoGo. Working from home today, so I'm checking in a smidge late. It's 44 in Louisville, going all the way up to ... 45! Yep, that means heavy cloud cover, although I think most of the rain is east of us now. We only need 1.2 inches to set a new annual record and we have a big storm due here next Thursday and Friday.

Gotta pick up some gift cards and a few stocking stuffers for Miss Cindy today or tomorrow. Got her some new sheep pajamas this year. It's the gift that keeps on giving, y'know.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.

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40º and misting rain in the hollow. Looks like I'll be going to the range this morning to drill the new concrete for reinforcing rids in the rear leg of the benches. If all goes well it won't take long for each one. Rain continues to fall all over the mid state and the rest of the south for that matter. Business is slow as there isn't a great demand for air freshener products just now. The next big run will be toward the end of winter. Need to make one more run to downtown Nashville and the discount liquor store for a couple of gifts for the ladies in my family. The y all like sweet stuff and Bailey's should be appreciated.

G'day Y'all,

Good morning from misty Indy. Like Mike the fishin' dude, we've topped out already but we're only at 42. Heading for a funeral I don't really want to go to. My brother's brother-in-law who I only barely knew. We don't go to funerals for the deceased. We go for the survivors. But, as Yogi said, "If you don't go to other people's funerals, they won't come to yours".

Lotsa' prepping for tomorrow's invasion by kids and grandkids. Even a couple of great grandkids-to-be.

Have a dandiday.
Good morning

36 in the Far West, calling a high of 48 with some sun. That is as good as it gets this time of year. Big family gathering tomorrow for my wife’s side, but I told my wife I am not going this year. As my friend says it made for some intense fellowship. The dynamics have really changed over the years as is expected. At 67 I would be the oldest one there. If I was their grampa it would be different. All but one or two I have no interaction with any other time of the year. The good news is that my youngest that just moved to MN will be home tomorrow from a few days. I am looking forward to that.
Charlie are you going wear one of those Christmas sweaters that has a cut out on the chest so you can decorate your boob? :eek:
Since you asked Lee

You need to post a warning first. :eek: How am I gonna unsee that? Already tried poking out my mental eye and that didn't work.

Rick....gagging and puking
Wit till you see the one I'm wearing to the gunship tomorrow!

My eyes my eyes. Well it is a good thing my daughter is a counsel. At least I’ll be able to saved some money on counseling.:eek:
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