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Friday Morning

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10° here in Upstate NY this morning with a fairly mild wind. The high temperature for the day the day is to be up to about 19°. The good part is it won't be as windy as the past couple of days.

Fairly easy day yesterday, busy but not overly bad I hope this will be another day today like that .

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

24 here in NC Ohio with a calm wind for now. Not much going on here except keeping two fires going. Be safe and Prayers to those and country, Mike
Great morning folks,

Standing at 15° with some clouds but the winds have let off here near Halfway USA. 26° for the high today.

Gun club meeting went as expected. I will be secretary for another year. Money was appropriated for a few simple improvements. Surprisingly we had three drop their membership this year. Three new invitations to join will go out today.

Heading to the dentist first thing this morning. Quick in & out for something or other. After that, I have to produce a news letter for the gun club.

Still no package from the PO. A visit & discussion with the post master got it located and shipped out of Michigan back to Indianapolis. :confused: No real assurances that it will arrive before we depart for warmer places.:rolleyes:
Good Morning from Trinity Texas, 43 now, high of 63.
Staff house painting continues. We are working till noon today.
Not much else going on, no weekend plans, yet. Supposed to rain tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a blessed day.
morning all. 24 and snowing! Not sure what the high is supposed to be today, just hope the wind doesn't blow! About a half inch on the ground and is to continue most of the day and tonight. Hope it's doing something in the mountains!
Just chores on the list for today so far. About all that got done yesterday also.
I did try to call a coyote yesterday evening but nothing wanted to play along :(. Maybe the snow will bring them out. I think they are staying close to the big elk herd, always a sick or dead one around.
Head is pounding this morning, better take care of it.
Have a good FRIDAY!
Mornin boys...
19 herehigh on RUGER Mt this morning...
You all have a gooden todayand GOD Bless...

good morning folks. It's a chilly 23º here but the wind seems to have stopped. It would be a beautiful day to be out hunting something...waterfowl, deer, coyotes? I'm stuck at work, but actually doing some different stuff here of late and am enjoying it, for a change. I have a LOT of thinking to do. Apparently they are looking to hire outside of my group, and it's something I'm definitely interested in. It's the stuff I'm working on now. I like what I do, but don't LOVE what I do. I seem to like the challenge of something new, learning new stuff, and I'm getting burned out, 15 years making the same donuts. I have a loyalty to my group and clients. My main client is our number 1 client in the whole company. Going to be a tough decision.

Well, I gotta run. Have a good one.

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Good morning all.....25° here this morning and looking like we might get some snow late tonight early morning. Pretty much worked on the truck yesterday all day with a trip to town thrown in there for bolts. I got most of the framework figured out. with just a few pieces left to add in here and there then I'll put the deck on and try to start the skirt next week.

I need to trim down the wheel tubs as well and I have a B&W turnover kit ordered to install just incase I ever need to pull a gooseneck. The bed will have a slight dropdown in the front to keep the welder low enough I can still see out the rear window. I'm sure there will be some more modifications along the way.

Well hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day!
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Shane, looking good so far. When I built my first (and only) service bed, I built in drawers under the bed for all my hand tools. Welder and torch bottles up front like yours though. The drawers go half way across the bed, three on each side. About a four inch space between the lower deck and the upper diamond plate deck. But mine is more of a mechanics bed than welding. Almost all my hand tools are in there. Real heavy though!
Good luck and
Shane, that's way out of my skill set. Come to think of it, i dont have a Skill Set any longer.
But, it's a cold morning in Kentucky, even colder than Deans house at 19 ° this frosty morn.
Today Judy Brown will be on the hunt for a slice of fabric to complete another quilt top. She has more crap than Wal-Mart but not what she has to have. More crap spread out in the floor, but the Cat loves to lie in it.

Damcalf in the Barn wanting to eat breakfast, I think it is leaving in the Geo Metro for a trip to the Stock Market. I'm tired of messing with it. Along with the other Hunert and Fifty standing out in the field waiting on me to slang out some. Hay... but i don't have anything else to do.At least I don't have to paint somebody else's house, or print the gun club newsletter, or count the days to retirement.
MPC has it thought out about right...Put Wood in the Stove!!

Off to feed the Damcows and check my line of Coyote Snares. I don't care a thing about seeing the Wizzard today..
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Good morning, GoGo. It's 22 this morning and calm, going to 41. Snow is to start around 11 p.m., turning to rain after sunrise tomorrow. We're due for 2-4" and the roads should be warm enough that there won't be major problems. I know our Colorado and Michigan members chuckle when they see us worrying about 2-4" of snow, but we just can't justify the equipment to deal with it down here. Plus, we don't get enough snow yearly for our drivers to develop any skills and then retain them. Doug may get a good deal more snow up in Indy. I need to get out and buy a snow shovel since ours died last year.

I cooked a Canada goose breast for the first time earlier this week. It was red muscle, not at all like a chicken or turkey breast, so I marinated it, pounded out cutlets, breaded 'em and cooked 'em the same way I do Chicken Fried Bambi. I swear, if I hadn't known, I'd have thought it was venison or good beef.

The #2 Lady Cardinals were beaten by #1 Notre Dame last night on the Irish's court. It was one of the best women's games I've seen. The Irish won by 12-14 points, but that spread only happened in the last 2-3 minutes. Most of the game the teams stayed within 4-5 points of each other.

Y'all have a great day and be safe out there.
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Good morning from Indy. I don't know the temperature but I think it's cold. Supposed to get 5-7" of wet snow tonight and tomorrow. I need to spray some no-stickum on the snow blower auger and housing. Made sure it would start yesterday. Good thing it has an electric starter or I'd still be out there pulling the string.

Mikey, we watched the first half of the Cards/Irish ladies game last night. Looked like it was going to be a good game but they changed the channel at the restaurant to a NFL game that was played last week. It's been a while since #1 played #2 and UConn was not in the game. Used to be them and the Vols at #1 or #2 until Pat Summit passed but not so much now. They got beat by UK last night. Cards could easily make the final four again this year.

Y'all have a good day.
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Morning all, late check in, been busy doing some other things. 19 here to start today, 32 now heading to 45 so they say! Been busy last few days, sold 7 ML stock blanks that I am never going to build on, and sold3 ML's, that leaves me with only 14 of the things left. I am thinning the herd on non keepers. Need to put in the rest of the day boxing up stock blanks, and cleaning up shop, going to let it warm up a little more before venturing outside. You all have a good one, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
KF, My uncle shot a goose back in the mid 60's. It was huge and got his picture in the paper. We cooked that critter every way possible. No matter what, you couldn't stick a fork in the gravy.
You guys don't know what you're missing with goose. I cube the breast into bite size cubes, marinate in soy sauce, butter and garlic (powder or crushed). Wrap a piece of goose and a piece of pineapple in bacon and stick a toothpick thru. Grill (low heat, don't burn the bacon) until the bacon is just done. Goose should be RARE but done. Slap your mammy good.

I also cook duck/goose breast in Sunny Delight with onions. Simmer in a crock pot all day until the goose falls apart, almost like pulled pork. Yum.
My buddy just makes jerky out of the goose breast and it is pretty good most of the time. Only way I have ever ate it.
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