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Friday Morning

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42° here in Upstate NY this morning with some rain going on. It is suppose to stop this later this morning and be sunny. The high temperature won't get any higher than it is now. It will be dropping during the afternoon with a strong wind coming in.

Yesterday was a nice day all day and I got to go up to the gun club in the morning and shoot for a couple of hours. I had to do some work in the afternoon but the respite was nice.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Bartonville, 36 now and still dropping. Sunny and 45 today.
Yesterday it never got over 36 and windy, a totally unpleasant day all around.
The worst was when I found that my beloved Toshiba laptop, though strong and healthy at 7 years old, no longer had enough memory to run the current Adobe programs. Rather than work as planned I spent the morning at the computer store trying to find a replacement as Toshiba no longer makes consumer laptops.
Today's hot new trend is eliminating all the input slots, no USB, no SD card slot, no DVD, just a single USB-C. That makes it rather difficult and clumsy to hook up scanners, portable hard drives, camera cards etc.
I finally narrowed it down to a DELL 17" and spent the rest of the day setting it up.
Today I will try once again to get something productive accomplished.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

Mornin' George and others to follow. Its 23 now with 25mph wind, it was 63 at midnight!!! Had a fight with water in the basement all day yesterday, its kinda lost from the beginning when water comes in the drain tile!! After getting the discharge out the window and the bicycle tube pumped up to plug the stand pipe, I started making some headway. I'm about ready to let the Amish have this place, if they'll take it !!! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning. We have 17 with a little snow in Indy. Well below freezing all day. Yesterday I didn’t need a jacket. Today I’ll be staying indoors. Only thing on my schedule after breakfast is a quick stop at a gun shop to pick up a Glock extractor they ordered for me.

Here we go Red Friday.
Morning Gents! Its 22º here with a 10 mph wind. Its forecast to stay cool for a few days and then warm up a little and start raining. I'll probably build Mama and the Cat a fire and retire to the loading room to size and lube the 45-70 bullets that I cast Thursday. You'all have a good one!
Record high of 63* at midnight. 28* this morning. And a lot of Dean's wind. Ya' just gotta' love February.
morning all. -5 this morning, not sure what the high will be, probably low 20s. Windy and cold all day yesterday, finally quit at dark.
Worked in the shop till late afternoon, then went to town for a tax meeting. Got the taxes done for our family gravel pit partnership, not too painful.
More work in the shop today, about have one tractor ready for spring work, if I don't find any more stuff wrong.
Haven't seen a coyote for several days, strange how you can see several in one day then the next few days, nothing!
Have a great day, it's FRIDAY!!!
Good morning, GoGo. After a high of 70 yesterday, it's 22 this morning in Louisville. Only going to 30 today. Mother Nature was fooled, too because yesterday I had a few purple crocus blooming in the yard and saw a robin working on this spring's nest. I kept one eye on the sky all day yesterday as high temps in winter and a strong high pressure front often create tornadoes here in Kentucky. We did have strong winds, but I haven't heard of any damage.

Charlie, my two-month-old electric smoker seems to have gone belly up after only 3-4 uses. I waited online for 15-20 minutes yesterday to talk with customer support. A nice young lady talked me through the removal of a circuit board, but I think she was looking at a troubleshooting doc for a different model as some of the things she described weren't exactly what I was looking at. Basically she had me pull a power-control module and unplug the power wires. First time I've run into locking spade connectors and that slowed me down for a bit. I was told to unplug that unit for 15 minutes, then put it all back together and see if it comes up. I'll reassemble and try it sometime today. Then I'll most likely get to spend another 20 minutes waiting on the phone to tell them the procedure didn't fix the problem. I was planning to smoke and reverse sear some ribeyes, but now I guess I'll have to just grill them as usual. Not a bad problem to have all in all. As others have recently said, "Where's Skruske when I need him?"

Y'all have a good'n, throw another log on the fire, and be safe out there.
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good morning folks. It's 42º here with light rain. Supposed to rain this morning then clear off as the front blows in. Big winds come with the cold air. Ah well, hopefully Phil was right and spring is coming. Hasn't been too bad a winter up here, but I'm ready to go fishing. Taking a trip to Savannah in 2 weeks to escape the cold. Tybee Island to be exact. Ran into some customers at the shop yesterday from that area and found what to see and do and more importantly, where to eat.:cool: Hopefully we get decent weather and do a fishing charter while there. We shall see.

Had some rewards points and gift cards to use so I got a new GoPro style camera (cheapo off Amazon). It arrived last night. Very little instruction, but the manual covers 5 different languages.:rolleyes: Think I got it figured out though. I hope to be able to mount it to the boat this summer and video the action. Have to get Big G to get me up to speed on u-tube.:)

Well, I better get busy. Prayers offered. Have a good one!

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Had some rewards points and gift cards to use so I got a new GoPro style camera (cheapo off Amazon). It arrived last night. Very little instruction, but the manual covers 5 different languages.:rolleyes: Think I got it figured out though. I hope to be able to mount it to the boat this summer and video the action. Have to get Big G to get me up to speed on u-tube.:)
Main thing to remember, Charlie, is that if you post any photos or videos of wieners, they'd better be on the charcoal grill. :D

I'm pretty sure Birdog and VolDoc video tryouts for the mudpit and VolKitten teams. I'd get advice from them, because I figured those two would have been in jail years ago. :rolleyes:

GOOD morning from the sticks of TENNESSEE for a change, where the temperature hit 78° yesterday and I was in shorts and T Shirt. It is I think 45 this morning and 28° at the Damcow farm. I'm sure the Damcows are humped up today and looking for me. They hopefully will see me later today.
KyFishman I got SKRUSKE first, so take your place in line. I desperately need help, I may send my private jet to Yuma and pick him up for a few.

Y'all ready to adopt the new Socialist Green Agenda that the Nitwit congresswoman from Queens has proposed? Free everything to everyone. I cant believe the Democratic party has devolved to something like her. Oh well, I'm old anyway.
Everyone have a cold day, poor old 2Feathers up in Minnesota. I hope he stays in by the fire.
Skruske you have a pm.
Mike, I have ZERO experience with an electric smoker, but I'd bet if you just take the guts out you can either replace it with a hot plate if you want to stay electric, or switch it over to charcoal. If you send me some pics I can show you what you need to use charcoal and coach you thru it. I like the charcoal flavor best, better than my pellet smoker for flavor, by far.

Oh...yeah, any "meat" pics.videos I post will definitely be BBQ related.:D
Great morning everyone,

Clear with 44° and 65° later here in early trailerhood. A temp with a 3 in it was predicted by the chicken little forecasters but that didn't happen.

I had the distinct privilege of having coffee with JNYork yesterday morning. We chatted a while & he invited me and Mike to come shoot 22lr silhouette this morning at 8am. We will be loading up in a few minutes and heading out to the Adair range.

I picked up some brass yesterday on a ride out in the desert. Last task of the day was to install a new rack & pinion i my buddy's CanAm. Hopefully a steering coupler will arrive today.

Another distinct pleasure finished out the day by receiving a phone call from Gabriel. We talked 5th wheels & travel along with the things to do around Yuma.
Good morning the shop late this morning as I slept in a few then checked my snares.....nothing in there for a while now. I picked up all the steel for the dump truck yesterday but not without incident. My 1999 ford f450 puked a ton of oil out yesterday. I put a new turbo on it recently and took the crankcase vent from the valve cover that went back into the intake and relocated it to the was collecting oil vapors in the intake track pretty good. The hose has come loose from the frame where I had it tied to and was dragging the ground so I just grabbed it and shoved it up out the way not knowing I had put a kink in it and closed it off. Well let me tell you that was not good the engine built pressure and puked out about a gallon and a half of oil to the point to where the engine still had oil pressure but the injectors didn't have enough oil to work properly....luckily a Walmart was within chugging distance....un kinked hose and no more problems.

Going to try to get a good bit of stuff done today so I don't have to be here most of the weekend.

Have a good day!
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I tell you One Damthing.
If Skruske don't get back here and rescue the lot of us, we will all be in trouble.
You damn right JR, Toiville is staying by the fire. -22 on the damn prairie, with a 10mph wind giving us a -42 windchill. The wind laid down last night so the blizzard is gone. This deep freeze we got is going to be with us a few days. Supposed to get to + 4 on Sunday, heat wave.
The order of today is to continue to clear the snow out. We are running out of places to put it. We are going to have to start hauling the snow out of the farm yard if we get to much more.
Interstate and state hi- ways are open this morning, but now the problem is the county and township roads aren’t open yet. All the schools are closed yet today because of the plugged roads. That is going to take awhile to get them opened up.
The hired man took the Cat loader 6 miles out to the high way and opened up the road this morning. That road had some huge drifts to bust through. We need a bunch of Hay ground today for the cows. Talked to the man who owns the grinder early this morning and he said that he would come if county road was open. It’s open now and he will be coming shortly. Those cows are eating an awful lot this last month in this cold.
Although we complain about the weather, this is a normal winter her on the prairie. For the last 5-6 years we have had some very mild winters. We got spoiled, got used to it and now Mother Nature is kicking our ass. As my late wife Renee would say, “Suck it up and get over it”
Hope all of you have a safe and good day. Throwing another log on the fire.
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30 calling for 40+ in the Valley. I enjoyed a chat with Skruske last night. We both agreed that Charlie Sterner is “OK”.
I think the novelty of a MN winter has worn off for my youngest daughter.
30 calling for 40+ in the Valley. I enjoyed a chat with Skruske last night. We both agreed that Charlie Sterner is “OK”.
I think the novelty of a MN winter has worn off for my youngest daughter.

A great day was had by all here in Yuma at the Adair range, I got to initiate our friend Skruske and his buddy Mike in the manly art of metallic silhouette shooting.
A little cool first thing but after the sun came up over the hill it was a beautiful day. Both of them did pretty well for their first time out, looking forward to enjoying their company on the range again. :D
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