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Friday Morning

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49° here in Upstate NY this morning, we have had a little rain overnight and the high temperature today will be around 60°. They say we may get more rain today.

Yesterday for me was a mixture of work and play, I went to the gun club in the morning for a bit and then in the afternoon it was work. I did get my lawn mowed for the first time year now it will be a weekly task.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning George and those to folliw. Raining and 57 in Indy and not likely to change much today. If the sun ever comes out (maybe tomorrow) we’ll be able to see the grass grow. Too wet to mow now. It’s called April in Indiana. Got up to commune with nature but I’m going back to bed for a while.

Have a good day.
Morning Gents! Its 58º and clear here headed for the mid 70's. It looks like we'll have several days of nice weather before the rain comes back next week.

We went to a funeral yesterday for a Great Niece that passed away unexpectedly then met my youngest Son and his family for supper last night.

Not much going on today. Working on the Dove hole and being out late last night has me tired out. I'll probably get into the loading room in a bit for some straightening up. Before we started the kitchen remodel I was sorting and tumbling my way through 2 20mm ammo cans of 9mm's and I didn't quite get through. I plan to finish those up and start loading some 223's for a May Prairie Dog hunt.

You'all have a good one.
Good Morning

Morning George and others to follow. I agree with you about mowing after the first mine needs it 1 - 2 times a week. 53 here in NC Ohio with rain and falling temps, even frost for Sunday night forecast!!! Disadvantage of early gardening. Well the GH' didn't like the lettuce in the live traps, need to drive around and find a alfalfa field that has worked before. Not sure of what to get into today but a cup of joe is first. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from Bartonville Texas, 57 and clear. I slept in a bit.
Nothing planned for the day.
Son in Law needs back surgery, just found out Tuesday. That means 14 days in Rochester then bed rest and no physical labo for the summer. They have not trained their boys to do yard work and hiring it out is too costly. Now everyone is looking to me.
Have to think this through as spending the summer here is a not on my radar.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
morning all. 41 and on the way to mid 60s today. Had some showers around yesterday and of course the wind, more of the same today but 30mph today.
Got a new set of shears on the plow yesterday morning then Gwyn help me in the afternoon and we got two sprinklers serviced. Had to change four flat tires and found another one flat too, but I'm out of spare tires until a trip to the Coop is made.
Hope to get another sprinkler done this morning... we'll see how that goes.
Gwyn has to go back to work today, some one has to support this outfit!
Breakfast is waiting, have a good day, it's FRIDAY! For what ever that means.
good morning folks. It's raining here, off and on. Just had a big cell go thru and dumped for about a minute or two. Going to be wet all day the way it looks. It's 55º headed to mid 60's, but I doubt we get that warm. Was nice to find a mess of morels last night. I had a few chopped up, fried in butter and incorporated into an egg and cheese omelette for breakfast. Yum. I went off diet last weekend pretty bad and put 4 lbs back on. I've lost 2 again this week. Total about 14 lbs so far in 4 months. I'm down a pants size. Haven't been in this size since college. Hope to stay there.

Pouring again right now as I type. Good day to work. At least it's washing the boat off for me. I haven't had time to wash it and put it away from last weekend.

Have a good one!
Good morning, GoGo. It's 52 in Louisville, supposedly going to 66 although I don't see how. Clouds are so thick that the sun won't do much warming. Maybe the 20-30 mph winds will be from the south, who knows. We had pretty strong storms last evening and the rain will continue off and on today.

The trophies for BBB 2019 came in yesterday. This year's event wasn't a sure thing until Professor John Beauchamp stepped up to manage it, so he's due a big round of thanks. We need all you "regulars" to show up this year, and bring a new shooter with you if possible. It's gonna be a really good day, unless you're shooting a Ruger or a Sucko. :D

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Good rainy morning everyone.... Got woke up at 3:30am by the wife saying the furnace stopped working. Not that big a deal this time of year but need to get a new ignitor for It. I waited until the solenoid clicked and hit it with a propane torch and it lit right up. If I don't fix it right now I'll forget until it get cold again.

Pulled the Cornet in the shop last evening and pulled the fuel tank and pump and filter out of the back of the car. It had a nice holley electric pump and filter setup. Also pulled a front tire to fix a sticky caliper....which was new but when new parts sit unused for 5-7 years they don't work so well.

Going to weld a spool maybe two today if I get the chance then those will be done.

Hope everyone has a good day!
Good morning from the sticks of Kentucky where we have a much needed rain right now. We live in a spot where the rain and snow seems to go just west and north of us most of the time. Cows need rain to make their food grow. I never was much of a Cow Person, but my Dad was and since he died many years ago i have had to adapt.

Judy Brown is coming back today...she has been in Larry Scott's neighborhood all week. Wonder if he has seen her ???
SKRUSKE is on the road today heading North into the cold hinterlands of Michigan. It makes me Cold just thinking about it; I think I will build a fire in the woodstove, it's going to get into the low 40s tonight anyway.
I have been up a while, but not out in the rain. Those Polk Stalks I had last night will get you moving...
All these Old Folks on here are up to their usual stuff it seems today .
If I was Dr. Phil, I would tell a certain Poster on here to unhook his Truck from the big camper trailer, leave it sitting, and move back to Wisconsin or Minnesota into my own Damhouse. Free marital advice that he didn't ask for.

Off to check on Damcows. Have a safe day !!
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It's a bright sunny morning in the hollow and a surprisingly warm 53º with wind. The Kruskes appeared in a our drive a little after 5:00 last evening and we had a great visit which continued over coffee. They just pulled out a few minutes ago on their way home to Michigan and should be there in 10 hours or so. I don't have a lot of things lined up for today, but have to service a couple of small accounts in the early afternoon. Wanted to visit the range, but it's a little too windy to have much fun. Light to moderate wind is good practice, but 20-25 mph is a bit much.

G'day Y'all,
late out of the gate today. Peeked in earlier. Rain is the name of the game for the next few days. I had put a new barrel on the CZ 455 and it shot terrible. I did a tear down and found a loose scope mount. Hope that does it. I made the mistake of reading my blood test results this AM. The A1c is way up, like 7.6. I have eclairs running through my veins. New meds not as effective as hoped. (Januvia @ $1300 / 90 days) Back to basic dies of dirt rocks and grass to get it under control. And lots of exercise, like 2 hour a day. I put the weed and feed down Tuesday and now will complain about mowing every other day for a couple of months. I use a walk behind so that will count as exercise I guess. 'Nuff complaining, now I feel better. I hope all have a good day.
Morning all, 55 headed to 68 today, rain just stopped and according to the radar, sunny skies next 2-3 days. I have some chores to do around the house today, and run some errands in town. My garden plants have not even wilted, put about 2 cups of miracle grow in the holes when I set them out, all are standing up like a scared rabbits ears! You all have a good one, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
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