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Good Monday morning from Rome

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Well we stepped off the train to Rome yesterday, and danged if we weren't in Rome Georgia.
Naaa.we made it here to Rome Italy without incident. Staying at a hotel just dawn the street from the Roman Forum and all the ancient Roman sites. The Colosseum is just up the street a ways, we saw it yesterday but we are going inside today on a tour.
Maybe even see someone get fed to the lions and tigers. I Did see some folks that I would highly recommend they be the first to go.

We are going to see the pope at 1430, I hope he has lunch ready. Yesterday I got a free lunch from a cafe owner just cause he liked Americans. Thank you.

WiFi is spotty here so I may not up for a while, but Mr. George will welcome yall.

I just has some breakfast here. I got what I thought was a roll, but it turned out to be a Baseball without stitches. Rough.
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39° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for the day is to get up to about 56°. Of course we also have a 70% chance of rain today which I guess won't bother me to much as I have to work on computers.

Yesterday wasn't to bad a day, breezy all day but it finally got into the low 50's. We went to church in the morning and then after lunch I got the yard mowed and leaves mulched. That will be an ongoing process for the next few weeks.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
Good Morning

55 here with the high of 55 in NC Ohio. I think its time to fire the furnace and build a fire. A trip to PT today and get frost sensitive plants in the greenhouse that will be my day. Safe travel Prayers to Scot and DD and family. Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Morning

Steady rain and 57 here today and they say it’s only gonna get cooler from here.
It’s easy to get confused over there JR. Why in the world are the Spanish Steps in Rome ? Kinda like the Cincinnati Airport being in Kentucky. Just doesn’t make sense.

Had a good turnout for my wife’s birthday yesterday. Sure was good to see everyone. Moving firewood today. Afterward, gonna be burning powder or pulling on the reloading press handle.

Safe travels to everyone on the road today.
morning all. 15 here with a high in the mid 40s. Our snow storm blew away, no snow, rain, only wind and dirt, leaves and tumbleweeds all going south west. They'll be coming back in a day or so :rolleyes:
After church and a good nap yesterday, I worked in the shed, finished a couple gun projects and clean off the work bench. Now I can start on a couple more.
Need to check the rest of the equipment for antifreeze today. Boss man is heading for the mountains to bring out cattle off the National Forrest.
Hope all is going well for everyone. Have a good day, even though it is a Monday.
Good morning gentle persons. It’s 50 with drizzle in Indy. That’s about all we’re getting and that’s about all I got. Wanta’ shoot the Valkyrie. Maybe some day.

Have a good’n.
good morning folks. It's 58º and like MPC, Doug and George, rain today here in PA. I didn't get my yard mowed yesterday. We took my friend from South Dakota to Reagan International Airport in DC. Yeah he's a GOOD friend, or else I never go near that $hithole of a city. While we were away it rained just enough that I couldn't get the grass mowed. Guess it'll wait until I have time to do it. Certainly won't be this week or next the way it looks. On a lighter note, I got invited to SD to bow hunt whitetails. Maybe next year?

Saw my target buck this morning on the way to work. He's a HUGE 6 point (3x3) that I passed last year when he was 20" wide. He's easily 22-24" wide now and an absolute stud. He was hanging with 2 other nice bucks and they were headed to bed on the other neighbor's place. Hopefully he takes interest in one of my pretty little doe and comes a calling in a few weeks. Tried to get a pic but he was too smart for that.

Well, I need to get my timesheet done and head to a meeting. Better get moving. Prayers offered. Safe travels Was and DD.

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Great morning folks, though some sadness comes with it,

20° with a clear out here in Wyoming.

The truck is plugged in and we will leave about sunrise.

Deb received the call last evening a bit after 10pm that her sister had passed on. The other thing on her mind is hugging her grand kids good bye.

It took us about 5 or 6 hours to process the elk yesterday. I should have plenty to pack in the coolers. I have about a dozen jars to take too. Thanks to Doug & Mike for all the help. DD & Danielle ran the vacuum bag sealer thing and the 5 of us were a well practiced crew.
Scott and DD. Sorry to read about Debs' sister, prayers for you and family. Have a safe trip home!
Good morning, GoGo. It's 59 here in Pigeon Forge, only going to 60, so I guess that means pretty cloudy. It's not supposed to rain much until tonight. We had a few sprinkles yesterday, but mostly it was partly sunny.

We had breakfast yesterday at Donut Friar in downtown Gatlinburg. I swear they make the best donuts in the world. Then we drove over to an area in the park called Metcalf Bottom in the Greenbriar area. It's over toward Townsend, I think. Anyway, there's an old 1880s schoolhouse there that my wife likes to visit. Then we hiked from the schoolhouse 1.1 miles to a cabin where the Walker Sisters lived. These were seven (?) sisters, some of whom ran the school. We finished up the day at a murder mystery dinner theater that was pretty good.

Today we're driving to Bryson City, N.C., about 55 miles away to ride a railroad. They have a steam locomotive, but it only runs certain days. We're getting pulled by their diesel locomotive.

For anyone wondering, the trees really aren't turning much. We've seen one sweetgum that was showing some color and a few sourwood trees are turning some.

I reckon that's it for today. Y'all have a good Monday and make it a safe one.

Carpman on the road
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Very overcast this ayem, 55° w 73% hoomids.
Took the grands back after church, visited a bit and stopped by my Bro's, caught up and sprang for Din at Cheddars'. A good day.
Still looking for my pole grabbing chain w key grab. It migrated off of the top of the bush hog last week while in the woods.... 😕
It road for days in a pocket formed by the angle iron bracing.
Had abt 3 tenths Sat so the winter wheat that's been sown where the melons and pumpkins were should get a boost.
I have found a due and mold repair shop that might could use a day or two of my services. Keep me out from underfoot and a few extra to toss on the hospital bill. I have enough components to last a long while. Don't need to stock the shelves.
I just hope I get to use them and eventually need more.
No other real news muchachos.
Have a little fun while marking off another MONDAY.
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Morning the shop finishing up a few things I put off over the weekend. I put new intake gasket in my blazer....of coarse there was problems....broke a intake bolt off in the head and had to extract it then Chevy used a aluminum quick disconnect on the rear of the manifold for the heater hose. It was leaking and of coarse it broke off in the intake as well and had to drill and re tap it. Shocks got put on my old 97 dodge 2500...made it a whole lot quieter without blownout bushings.

Did load some 95g Vmax for my 6.5CM yesterday and shot a few...about 5 was enough to know that load was crap. Still need to load some ammo for the 100yrd UBR match this weekend at Farmland.....and still not sure what
i'm going to shoot...the 6ppc will be one...I was thinking of taking my 221FB but it would have to be in unlimited class since its heavy as hell. Might just load up for the 6br though
Hope everyone has a good day!
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Good morning gang! My condolences to Scott and DD, you are in my prayers! Scott we need to see pics of your elk and a story to go along! Another rainy, chilly day here in KY, got to run some errands in a few, remember those in need of prayer, Buff out!
Condolences to Scot and DD. The loss of one so close is never easy.
This might be one for admin. I have GG on 3 of my computers. On my one desktop there was an off and on power outage while it was up and running. The next day I signed on to GG and I was able to sign on as I had saved ID and Password on the system. When I tried to post a comment I was denied and told to register. I started to use my current ID and P/W and was denied as the ID was already in use.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem. The other systems are fine as I am posting on my business system. Also, how do I contact admin?
Prayed. Scott and Deborah, for God's peace and safe travel.

Mornin boys...late excuses...
Rainy and cooler here high on RUGER Mt today.
Feels like fall has made it here, feels good.
Prayers for Scott and Deb.
Hope you all had a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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