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Good Morning=27*=its still winter

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Well alright then=
Still a bite in the wind yesterday, kinda ruined groups @ 300 yds
had 4 shots into 1/2" w/ the 22 Dasher and then a left wind flyer
opened it to 1 1/2 inches= so it goes :rolleyes:
Looking to fireform some more brass today=
got the neck turning down pat=kinda fun in a perverted way :p
got to go to Dungeon
over and out
Doc :)
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The warming trend continues, 3 above with a heavy breeze.

In my rounds yesterday I did see a pair of Bald Eagles. They were perched on a blown down tree. One was tearing at & eating a critter, perhaps a rabbit or squirrel. Impressive sight. It was about 200yds from the road and unfortunately my Fuji cam doesn't have a lense that will produce a decent pic at the distance.
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