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Good Ohio Guide

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I am looking for a good guided deer hunt in Ohio. It would have to be a shotgun or ML hunt. I am a handicapped hunter with limited mobility. Does anyone know of any good guides that might go out of their way a bit for a limited mobility hunter. Tom.
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I`m not a guide but do own some land and did kill 2 deer in Oh. this year. I could put you in a stand that would guarentee you a shot, or at least I`ve seen shot there at least 3 days of the shotgun season. Another nice thing is I can drive the mule right to your seat. This is really the wrong time of year for me to try to set something up with you as I can`t rember what I had for breakfast and it only 8:30 am now. I cannot figure out how to PM you or I would send you my contact info, but if you can figure it out PM me and we`ll see what we can work out.
My Uncle used to take handicaps for hunts on his land.

He passed away last month. He was a good man and a good christian.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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