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Got a Few Coyotes Hanging Around

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They liked it !!!
They're still hang'in
Love to see'em like that

Gotta love a family album of pics. Looks like you have the snares working well. When my little brother was trapping Webb County Texas, we were making snares out of 3/16 stainless cable (your tax dollars at work) rated at 1200lbs and using 1x1 angle iron cut 1" long for locks. WE would make 1000 at a time. Did that several times a year for about 20 years. Only down side to a snare is it's not exactly a particular weapon meaning it's not selective what it catches. Turning a badger loose from one can be a major rodeo and a bobcat even worse. Keep the pics coming. I like happy pics!
Snares are not legal in our pot smoking, green state any more! :eek: Only live traps can be used.... for now.
Try getting a 300 pound calf of the neighbors out of a snare sometime! Lots of fun there for sure.
Nice pictures JR. Keep after 'em.
Good pictures !

Keep on Trappin’
No wonder your always fixing fence....they sure do give it hell it looks like!

Keep on choking them out!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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