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Great Saturday Morning

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Good morning folks. About 70° here on OBX. Finally, the weather looks to be cooperative and we are going fishing. My buddy decided to stay an extra day and take us out, since he couldn't get out at all in the 2 weeks he was here. That weather is unheard of here in August. Usually flat calm most days. Still a bit of a swell and chance of storms, but we'll be fine. Just hope the fish cooperate. We go home tomorrow.

Have a good one. Report to come later.

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64° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high for today will be up to about 79° and is to be dry and partly sunny. The rain has left for a couple of days I guess as tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be dry.

We had a lot of rain yesterday and some places around the area had some minor flooding. I was busy as usual yesterday and I guess it was good as I wouldn't have been able to do much of anything else.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
Good morning from Lebanon, 72 now, high of 96.
We had a great time last night, great music. Breakfast this morning then an afternoon concert and an evening concert and that wraps up the Gospel Music Festival for this year. The group is making plans for next year.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good morning boarders. It’s 70 in Indy heading for 90. Nothing much on the dance card today. Might attack the reloading bench. It’s about due for the semi-annual throw stuff away event.

We spent an hour or so at the cemetery yesterday making corrections on the contract for our funeral pre-plans. They had our DOBs and SSNs swapped and we wanted it corrected. This advance (hopefully way advance) planning had my older son kinda’ freaked out when we started it. Just wanta’ make sure everything is set up so nobody else has to deal with it.

On a brighter note, time to head for the pancake joint. Have a good’n. Catchemall Charlie!
Mornin boys... 64 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Wanted to sleep in this morning but eyes opened at 4
Tried to go back and did but kelp waking and finally just
got the tablet and here we are . Got to take tucked how to
get a cable and string replaced. Makes the 2nd string he's replaced.
It gets shot
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good Morning

67 this morning in NC Ohio with sun and hot- wet day in store. Truck arrived yesterday and several 3x8 beds are begging to be filled. All can be done from the tractor seat thank God. Congrats to those celebrating wedding anniversaries. That's one day I will not have to deal with again. Coffee is done and time to roll. Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 41 and cool in the house too! Low 80s later. We got some showers yesterday so no baling today again.
Still a couple sprinklers that I need to fix today, seems they all gave me fits yesterday, guess they are getting tired of going around in circles.:rolleyes:
Slept in so guess I'd better get moving along.
Have a great weekend and be safe.
Great mlrning,

62° & mostly sunny but for some smoke in the air.

This was the start of the day yesterday.

Had a clog that didn't clear the first time I emptied after the Montana gun & games. If you have an RV I highly recommend you add 20 feet of cut off old garden hose with female connector intact to your dumping stuff. LABEL it "grey/black water only". When your day starts with shit, it only gets better the rest of the day. 😁

Heading to Meeks Cabin in far SWWY for a hike today.
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Now that’s funny right there!

Reminds me of my first camper. 1972 Concord Champion. It was 25+ years old when I bought it but was in great shape and everything was in perfectly good working order. It was like walking into a time machine though with all of the dark brown wood paneling and avacado-green-colored appliances, upholstery and curtains. Brings back some great memories !

79 degrees here already and headed to 90 they say. Most of the grass is already mowed and I don’t have much more on my work list today. Probably head back to the range and plink around some more today.

A guy at work is getting rid of some ammo he bought as part of an auction lot. Has a coupile boxes of 358Winchester which I had never heard of. Looking up some load data and found it is somewhat popular among cast bullet shooters. That might be one I keep an eye out for. I’m sure there’s one to be found at the World’s Longest Yard Sale but I’m gonna pass on that.

Make it a good day
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If the 358's are factory cartridges and he wants to sell them, I would be
interested in buying them. Let me know.

Mornin in almost Northern Ca.

well, it's 82 going for 97, we're in the tail end of a cooling trend, but should be over 100 by Wednesday. I'm 100 miles South of Redding, very smokey there yesterday but not as bad as it was, and I can just barely smell the smoke here in Oroville. It's the weekend so I'll stay away from the public range and wait until a weekday.
Acrow, didn't savage make the 358 in a 99?
I recall something like that in my youth and it was quite a kicker.
As I recall, Browning BLR, Winchester M70 and Savage 99.
Winchester chambered the model 88 in 358. I seen then go for as high as $1800. There not a a gun you see very often, demands big dollars when you do.
358 & Savage

Yes, Savage made the moel 99 in 358. I have one. Mine has had a tough life.
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