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I bet he let a couple get out of his preserve in Goodlettsville. Saw these in Casa Maya last week.
Some kinda Squalking big black crow sized bird. When he squalked, his Butthole would Pucker and his Tailfeathers would split apart in a V. Trying to crap on me whilest I was Chillin by the Lagoon.

Sky Leaf Azure Branch Plant

Next little guy has the run of the place at "Three Amigos" Taste like Chikin.
Furniture Table Chair Wood Bird

Everyone knows what these Nasty Thangs are. Close second to Geese in the Crappin department.
Plant Leaf Botany Vegetation Arecales

Bird Plant Macaw Natural environment Tree

Bird Wood Beak Twig Macaw

Sittin on a lounge chair at the lagoon...I look up and right straight up over my head are These things. Ahhh. I moved over.
Sky Coconut Plant Branch Arecales

And order another one of these. And thought of @lightman .
Bottle Drinkware Table Tableware Liquid
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