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Had a little luck hunting this morning...

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This feller chased a doe over to me


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Nice buck! Details please....
Little luck? That looks like Big luck to me! Nice.
We had seen lots of deer, just nothing I wanted to shoot. Last day, I got caught getting ready to climb a tree, didn’t even have my tree stand off my back. I heard a doe snort from behind me, when I turned, I raised my binos looking for the deer, saw bone and reached for my rifle on the ground. I remembered to chamber a round, so, made all that noise and movement and he still just stood there. Propped up on a tree and shot him in the left front shoulder. He ran about 50 yards and went down. I didn’t know what I’d shot till I walked over there... wasn’t any ground shrinkage... now the work starts...
Fine looking buck....obviously had YOUR name on him.

He looks healthy and packed wit' vitamins.
That's what being blinded by LUV will do to a feller. All you young bucks take heed.
Pretty deer Wayne...
How wide is he ?

Donnie, we’re guessing 24” he’s by far the best I’ve ever taken.
Man, he's pretty...

Thanks my friend!
Very nice buck, Congrats!
Thank you sir!
This feller chased a doe over to me
Congratulations on a really nice buck Wayne. :) WD
Thanks guys!
That's a dandy! Well done!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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