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Have you seen my old buddy latety?

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I see this guy running around the gunshow every time I go to one, regardless of the location.

He's the fellow all decked out in cammies that the top doesn't match the bottom, cruddy old combat boots with the pants legs tucked in, his version of bloused. Mostly gray hair with a little pony tail sticking out from under his black USMC style "cover". Gray beard with bits of yellow egg yolk stuck in it from yesterday's breakfast, bleary old eyes from too much firewater the night before, along with many many nights before for the last 40 years. Probably hasn't had a shower in 2 weeks. Big ol' beer gut pooched out over his belt with the "Gott mit Uns" buckle. Delivers long boring commentary on every black rifle or milsurp he sees. When asked where he served and with one unit, always replies that it was Top Secret and he will go to jail if he discloses it. Walks out without having spent a cent.

Didn't see him at the last gunshow I went to, kinda miss him. :rolleyes:
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Miss him like a dose . . .
Old Buddies

jnyork, Even though there's a gun in a neighboring city, I saw all your old buddies at Walmart this morning right after Church. Looked to me like they were training a bunch of (females??) to join their ranks. God help us.
John Kruzan

He's one of the reasons I stopped going to gun shows.
If i told you were he is at you would half to kill me;)
Well Mr. York, you could be talking bout ME, ceptin I ain't got NO Pony Tail or Man Bun, and I don't even go to Gun Shows any more. Can't afford new clothes, gots to wear what my kids got left over from the army. But Was Skruske has been donating some used yard sale items that I can wear when I dress up and go to Wal-Mart or take Judy Brown out to dinner at McDonald's.
Tell old Was Skruske that I wish I was there with y'all. JR
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