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Hey, George

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Keep close track of your .300 Blackout ammo, brother. Otherwise, this can happen. Sucker actually swaged itself down pretty well and almost made it out of the barrel.

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i would like to think i have more since than that....but..
Well. . . .

I agree with George about having more sense than that! You mean to tell me the fool could not tell the difference between a 5.56 and a 300Blackout when he picked it up to stuff it in the magazine! DUH! There IS a SLIGHT different in weight that he seemed to overlook! At least DOUBLE! He did NOT have eyes to see what he was doing? Nor does he seem to understand the importance of keeping his ammo properly stored, boxed and MARKED! No, this didn't "just happen"; there was an idiot involved here somewhere and some how! He shouldn't be allowed to own a gun if this is the 'best' he can do! This isn't just a "mistake" and if it is, confiscate the idiots guns! He's mentally incapable of owning one safely!
Geeze... That kinda goes along with not being aware of the muzzle when manipulating the safety - (thinking of the Rem 700 debacle).

Have to wonder if alcohol played a role?

This last BBB on Friday I was sighting in my 6ppc and when finished I set it off the bench and grabbed my 6br and tossed it on the bench. I started yaking or something I don't remember but I grab a shell out of the box and fire a round and I didn't even hit paper. I opened the bolt and it left the case in the chamber. I finally got the extractor to catch it I think and it popped out all swollen up on the big end.

Yep I shot a 6ppc in a 6BR chamber.:rolleyes: luckily it didn't rupture just wont go back in the resized die now.:D

Hole bullet swage batman! I guess that 30 cal bullet traveled to just beyond the gas port. Bet the bolt carrier group got seriously over-gassed.
Looks like the whole thing got seriously over-gassed, even the lower. Wow. A sure lesson to pay attention what you are doing.
Maybe that why it called a 30-Blackout!!!!!!!!!!!!0:eek:
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