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Hey WAS...a little birdie told me...

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Hey WAS SKRUSKE...a little birdie told me...

ok, it was Sue, who heard on FB that you're turning the big SIX-0 today! And to think you shared a birthday with Ole Don M and never said anything about it?

Happy birthday old dude.:);):D

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Happy Birthday Scott - Hey that 6-0 thing is nothing but a thing!!! Best wishes Mike
Happy Birthday SKRUSKE,.,!!!!

If I know him, he's still celebrating with DD this morning just to prove he can!
I hope he's still ru nning the roads to Montana and Wyoming for many years to come.
Good Hunting and many more years ahead. JR
Happy Birthday Scott...
Wish you many many more...

Underdog Sweet Polly and the Underpups...and Gracie Mae
Happy Birthday Scott, hope you had a good one, 60s not all that bad once you pass it up:D
Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Scott, hope it is a great day and hope for many more in your future. Make it a good one.
Happy Birthday Scott

You are among some fine men who were born this time of year, ya know.
I hope all of your birthday wishes come true today.


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Plenty of good years left. Keep on stacking the time.
Mine was Friday - shortest daylight day of the year. They be getting longer now - woo hoo!
Happy Birthday Scott! Hope you are enjoying your day.

Happy Birthday Scott! 60 is almost pre-memory for me! Write stuff down and make sure the photos have a dates on 'em.

Happy belated birthday to you, Tom.
Happy Birthday Scott, hope you have many more. I have 3 pieces of advice for you now that your going past 60.
1. Never pass up a urinal
2. Never waste a “woody”
3. Never trust a fart!
Hope you a had a good special day.
Happy Birthday Scott!! And wishing you many more to come. WD
Happy birthday.

80........ and grateful....every day.

Happy birthday, "Steve." Dang am I glad to hear you're only 60! For years I've wondered why you have so much more energy than me. Now that I know you're six years younger, I have a great excuse. Ha! Hope you had a great day, friend.

Happy birthday young man!
Happyest Birthday Friend

You have made many
"Best of Times" for Ole VolDoc
and many "One of Us's" lol
PDoggin with you and "Red Rider"
another "Chapter in the Book"
Miss you very much
your Pal
I'm with you Mike.....he's such a young buck, no wonder he gets more done before breakfast than I do all day!
Keep all of your bearings greased, don't want to find you seized up.
Are you ready for the next batch headed your way?
OBTW.....happy BD a day late. We know what our Dad's were doing late in those March months, don't we? ;))
Happy birthday to the fellow Michigander
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