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Old member from way back just getting back into shooting/hunting. Some of the old members may remember me from the 90's when it was the Go Go Board.
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Glad you found your way back, Mike. Lots of changes in just the past 4-5 years that resulted in less activity here, but it's still the same friendly place. Occasionally some of us still whack a PD or a groundhog and tell the tale here. We still have some coyote hunters/trappers, too.
Nice to have an old member return. Make yourself at home.

Hey, I remember that name. Glad you are wending your way back. Stop in on the Ayem Call and make a post when convenient.
Hey Mike! Nice to see you're still alive and kickin'. Those 90's were the heyday oif the board, weren't they. Hard to believe all the years that have gone by since then.
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