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KF said something yesterday about hunting and fishing knives so I thought I might start a thread on them

I haven't hunted deer in recent years, but I used this Western Drop Point a great deal when I was.
Knife Helmet Wood Automotive exterior Tints and shades

Another that caught my eye (Because I am fond of Old Timers and Uncle Henrys, I got this one but never used it.
Communication Device Gadget Bumper Mobile phone Kitchen utensil

I have had this Old Timer (LLBean Label) on the belt of my brush pants for ruffed grouse and woodcock for the past 40+ years.
Wood Knife Automotive exterior Bumper Wood stain

I have worn this Uncle Henry on the belt of my fishing pants for quite a few years now. It is a 55UH Special Edition.
Car alarm Automotive lighting Wood Bumper Everyday carry

They are all USA manufactured.
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