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We had a good morning...
Had turkeys gobbling as soon as we got out of the truck.
Set up on 1 and he didn't act like he was coming so we headed toward another 1. He didnt act like he was coming but the first 1 got fired up and headed out way so we went back and set up on him again. He came in and spotted us and left. Went back and set up on the other 1. He wouldn't moving so I told him to set there and I'd move up the holler and see what happened. Well, another 1 started about 4 or 5 hundred yards up above us on a high point. Called several times and he headed down the hill and I went back and told LB that that 1 was coming so we set up and he came all the way to a little creek and he took a shot with his rifle, hit a little tree just in front of the gun. Scope didn't pick it up I guess. He was disappointed that he missed and I told him it was hunting...hadn't set there 5 minutes and some started gobbling across from us.
hit the call and they were on the way. Came out to where we could see'em and it was 3 toms. Couldnt get a shot at first but I told him they would come in, be patient....finally they headed to us and he said, might should change guns. Handed him my shotgun and wouldn't long they was within 30 yards and he shot. Bird hit the ground and 1 of the others just stood there. He ask if I wanted the shotgun and I told him I was good. It stood there til he got up and headed for his bird. Couldn't have asked for a better morning..
Now to watch the back of my

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