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I am back!

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Hello gang, glad to make it back on here. I am still in rehab at Cardinal Hill, doing well and have met or surpassed all my therapy goals, rumor has it they will let me go home next weekend or so!! My 19 inch incision is healing nicely, nearly no drainage, leg hurts quite a bit where they took the metal hip out and put a plastic spacer in, that is full of time release antibiotics. They explained that MRSA and the other infection I have can live on metal, but not on plastic or concrete, and that antibiotics cannot migrate to the infection living on the metal. The bad thing is they broke my leg getting the old hip our, so they have the new one wired in in 3 places. So far I can make about 5 laps around the gym, which is 80feet long. I can get up and down easily, go to the bathroom and take a sponge bath by myself! Have to admit it was a little bit more fun with the nicely tanned 43 year old helping me this morning though!! LOL! If everything goes well, I will get my new hip around the first of Jan! Oh and a great big thank you to you all for the prayers you sent, they seem to be working just fine!
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That's great news! God is good, all the time.
good to see ya on here ! prayer sent big guy!
Good news !!!
Still praying for you.
Hang in there, this to shall pass...

Donnie and the gang...
Yes !

That’s the best post I’ve seen on here in a long time.
Great news indeed. Just in time to catch the hundreds end of deer season.:D
Great to see you are up and about Sam.

That's great news! About that 19" incision.......It will, as some guy around here often says, "buff out"!
As someone else pointed out, this is about the best news posted here in some time, Sam. It sounds like your spirits are good and I believe attitude plays a HUGE role in recovery. Keep it up and you'll really have something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.
Great to hear the good news! Prayers will continue for a speedy and full recovery. Sounds like your positive attitude is really helping you and before you will be home doing whatever you want.
Good to hear your making progress and feeling better!
Now THAT is some encouraging news Sam. Hang in there and take care of yourself fella. :) WD
Very encouraging!

Keep up the good work, Sam . . .

Still praying.

Remember scars are like tattoos but with better stories.

Great news! And, sounds like you have the right kind of "inspiration" to do those therapy laps :D:rolleyes:

I've a keen interest in your whole saga - as I'm looking at hip replacement going into 2019.:eek:
Hey Big Guy

A Better get MOBetter soon you Rascal:D
we miss you
your friend
Koger, keep up the good work. I am holding your place on the Rockettes line. You are scheduled for a show for Christmas.
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