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It's Tuesday, I double checked before posting.

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Great morning all,

28°, overcast with a light breeze here near Halfway USA. 38° and partly sunny today. A number of people remarked yesterday about being happy to see some sunshine as it had been several days since it made an appearance in these parts.

My eyes slammed open at 3:30am. :rolleyes: "Time to hit the deck a runnin' boys"...reference to an old song. Anyone recall the name and the singer?

Christmas shopping is done and Deb picked out a decorative tin accent for the fire place mantel.

The stair treads dried thoroughly and I installed them last night. The construction adhesive has set and the squeak has mostly gone. The 10.5" wide Oak sure is better than the old 8" wide crappy carpet. Most importantly, Debra Dearest is pleased. Two more easy details to attend to. The risers need a narrow bit of trim on each side. And lastly, to (hopefully) finish off the entire project - add decorative tin panel to the fire place mantel.

Today's plan is to move fire wood nearer the stove and haul some in from the wood shed. I think I have to go pay the secretary of state some money for a driver's license and plates for the ******* Limo.
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21° here in Upstate NY this morning and the high temperature will be only about 25°. We are to have a few flurries and that will be it today.

Long day yesterday and I will be on the road all day today. I slept in an extra hour this morning and it felt good, I should do that more often I believe.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
Johnny Horton - "Sink the Bismark". - shells as big as men.
They lost the Hood, a wooden decked hvy cruiser iirc. It sailed from port in a hurry, still had some civilian worked on board.

Woke up at 0400, couldn't get back to sleep, had a bowl of cereal, may head back after reading a bit. ttfn
Good morning, it's 35 and partly cloudy, 66 for the high in Texas.
I have been feeling crudy all weekend, yesterday I was chilled. Looks like I caught some kind of crud bug. I have things to do, not sit around and be sick.
Yesterday the doctor went very well. We found one with knowledge and personality. Wife is keeping him.
Christmas is getting closer, I need to figure out the gift thing for my wife.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good morning from Indy. It’s 25 heading for the low 40s. Tom is right. Sink The Bismarck. I, on the other hand, hit the deck a limpin’ boys. As usual lately. Grandma Roberts woulda’ called this being “down in the back”.

Picked up the A2 stock and got it slapped on the lower I assembled and put the White Oak upper on it. Little more play than I’d like between the upper and lower so I’ll switch the uppers and see which is happier on which lower. Or something like that.

Stalking breakfast. Have a good day.
morning all. 23 here with 45 or more in sight. Was warm yesterday but the sun just never burned thru the clouds. Still no moisture in sight.
Just chores and chasing the cows back in a few times yesterday, saw several coyotes around, boss man had a big bull die and is not the best place to fine a yote. :D Couldn't hit any though :eek:
Breakfast is waiting, better get. Have a good day.
Good Morning

24 here in NC Ohio with SUNSHINE on the way!!! Late to the board to get ready for another Dr appointment, what else is there for an old fart? Oh well as long as I'm looking at the green side of sod. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
good morning folks. It's 33º here with sunshine, I think. Hasn't popped up over the buildings yet. Kinda chilly. We got our first real electric bill since the new heat pump install. :eek: It was about 30% higher than last Nov. I think I need to start the wood stove up.:eek: At least most of those BTU's are paid for.

Didn't do much last evening. Ran some errands after work. Got home and saw the new neighbors out so I went over and introduced myself. They're from MD near Balt. He's soon to retire from the fire dept and she's retired Air Force. Seem like a nice couple. Hopefully good neighbors. Oh, and they have a boat in Balt. area. He used to run charters. :) Speaking of neighbors, my ole widow neighbor is to return from SC today. She's going to have a big surprise when she sees we decorated her house while she was gone.:D

Well, my work isn't doing itself. I better get after it. Have a good one.

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Good morning gang, 23 here headed to low 50's today. Wife has a doc appointment in Somerset, so I may have to go with her to check out two gun shops, try to find her a nice Christmas present!! Remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
Good morning everyone...28° here and hope it does get warmer as I need to load up the truck with some portable tig equipment and head to the hog barns to repair SS feeders today. Luckily the barns are empty right now until the 21st. of coarse the emptied them over a month ago and I have been waiting on them to get them washed down and they wait until this past Friday to call and say they were ready.:rolleyes:

I'm hoping to get some time to finish some little projects finished up soon as I got a few started and about the same amount finished. Hopefully the week between Christmas and New years is nice and slow!

Well off to see what I can get into today! hope everyone has a Good one!
Good morning, GoGo. Gonna work downtown today and am running a smidge late. It's 27 in Louisville, going to 49 and mostly sunny

Woke up at 5 this morning, an hour and a half early, and couldn't doze back off. I'm blaming it on you dang early risers, sending out vibes. Let's see if you can't sleep a little later tomorrow, OK? :)

Thanks for the "hot deal" post, Charlie. I'm tempted, especially now that there are some truly good 9mm hollowpoints on the market.

Have a good'n and be safe out there.
Thanks for the "hot deal" post, Charlie. I'm tempted, especially now that there are some truly good 9mm hollowpoints on the market.
don't dally Mike...expires NOON TODAY. (Sorry I just heard about it)
Wind is the word

I woke early also, crazy stuff. Almost got up and stayed up after waking at 2.
50 mph winds with gusts to 70 and I live on wooded acreage. Douglas Fir branched everywhere including the roof. At least it was just branches. When the girls where young I had to replace the swing set twice from having trees go over. It is pretty hairy watching large fir trees sway in the wind like tall grass then just keep on going over and down. Fire wood Skruske!
I had a guy invite me the other day to come shoot High Power/Prone match with him and a group of guys. It is at a 600 yard range about 1 hr from me. That is the good news. The bad news is he and the group he shoots with are really really good. Like I think they sent him to the Middle East as a sniper but he is not saying. One guy has 23 President 100 patches from Camp Perry and won it one year in service rifle. Another who makes barrels for me shot on the Army Rifle team, AMU I think they call it. I should just swallow my pride and go learn a thing or two.
Have a great day gang
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low 30's and sunny in the hollow around sunrise this morning. The forecast is for upper 40's later today. Little bit of this and that going on. I'm driving up to the new range to lay out the new benches with a template and some spray paint. We're expecting the masonry guy to lay blocks for the bench legs sometime between now and the 1st week of January. Much depends on his backlog, but he may come up on a rainy day since this is all under the shed roof. I haven't heard the most recent count on the new bench tops progress. We have a local concrete fabricator pouring them, but he only has one form and can only do one per day. Also, there tend to be other holdups and it takes a while to get 42 tops formed. It will be much too wet to do any kind of dirt work for sometime, but we are doing what we can. Sooner or later, the rain will stop.

G'day Y'all,
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late to board. I had another eye injection and it was a new tech / doctor. It did not go well. They hit a vessel and it took a while to stop the bleeding. Post injection it was pretty fuzzy and kept me off board. Good news. I am on 2 month schedule now.
Sunny and a little cool for now. Storms a'coming from the west this week.
Have a healthy and happy day everyone.
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