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We have a big two day rimfire match this coming weekend, so we went to a Steel challenge match Sunday as a warm-up. I suggested Janet only use her pistol as that's more what she needed more practice with, and she agreed. I shot my .22 pistol, and my 9mm PCC (PCC= Pistol Caliber Carbine) Long and the short of it is that she was "high lady".... OK, there was only one other lady, but I've got to brag a bit! She finished in about the top third. On one stage she finished the 8th fastest overall! I think that's awesome since she's been shooting for just a couple years and others have been shooting all their lives.
I finished 5th and 7th overall, but I'm happier about her progress than my own!
I asked her what she liked better, sporting clays or rimfire challenge. She said she likes them both equally! Soon I plan to get her more involved with bench-rest shooting. I figure that's the toughest form of shooting to start a new shooter with.
Here's a picture of her last time we shot that match. She even wore the same shirt Sunday...LOL



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