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John Kruzan--True American Shooter

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I have known Mr. Kruzan since I began working in a pharmacy 42 years ago. I knew of his quail and dove hunting exploits, and in our later years I shared some with him. He had the shotgun fever bad all his life, hence his time with as head of the Tennessee Wildlife and later his years traveling the nation with Ducks unlimited. When John had his office in Nashville at the Capital, John let his trusty Brittany sleep in his office under his desk.
15 or so years ago Kruzan heard of some rifle shooting going on in Dixon Springs and he came visiting one Sunday and was bitten.
John is the best wing shooter with a shotgun I ever shot doves with and now his rifle shooting has been perfected to match. First thing you know John joins Ole Voldoc and I on a prarie dog adventure and continues to go north for pheasant and PD combo hunts. Then the UBR matches.

John shot the smallest 100 yard group ever at the Back Porch Range on Sunday evening with temps in low 20's. He was shooting my

John even outshot Ole Junebug that day with Plum Crazy

John after shooting that group posing with Plum Crazy Nesika Model X.

Ugly rifle isn't it!!

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This is John's Viper that has killed many 1,000 yard praried dogs with the 105 A-max. At a grand plus, they don't crawl off when hit by a 105 A-max.

My trusty Post Master taking a few shots with John's 1 K plus Long Range Prarie Dog vaporizer.

VIPER DROP PORT--Put this one in your will for me John

Kruzan demonstrating the virtues of a DROP PORT to a, well not quite a "novice"!!!!!!!
You never know who may drop in at the DOME!
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He's a hell of a nice guy too!

I still have that Sako I bought off of him down at the Dome.
It hurts tooooooooooooo MUCH

to see all THEM'THAR
Shooters and their Ability=
Now if'n the "Ole Voloc" could
just rid himself of this
He would probably be shootin' "Back Porch" style toooooooooooo

Miss you Desperados=

Now here's a Blast from the Past
Dasher Dome
Tom Morley
UnKnown Orange Crush Rifle LOLLLLLLLLL

"Beauty and the Beast" sorry Jerr===
at the Dasher Dome
Rebel Grey celebration of Life
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looks like a good time and great shooting!
Great thread, thanks to all for sharing. Warmed up a cold morning here in dynamic Dufur. :)
Kruzan has rubbed elbows with the KING

Still don't know who learned more from the other

This may be the first DROP PORT Richard shot unless he may have
shot my Diamondback DROP PORT first.

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Yep, John is a good man...
And can shoot with the best.

Kruzan headed up the whole dang Tennessee Dept. of Fish & Wildlife? Dang, I never knew that. One of the things that has impressed me most about John was in 2009 when he brought two grandsons to South Dakota to whack PDs. John was the best grampaw I ever saw on that trip. I bet he didn't shoot 200 rounds the whole time because he was focusing on helping those boys, spotting for them, cleaning rifles for them. Anyway, here's a photo of John spotting for one of the grandsons, with the other in the background. Can't quite remember their names, but they had a pretty big time. Whack-a-Mole on steroids! :D

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DIRK and Brett those boys are grown now. They were on the shotgun team at there high school. John would travel 3 to 4 hours occasionally to watch them shoot a match. They lived near Memphis.
John has always been there to help host

Whenever I have had special people coming from out of town John has always made himself available to help me entertain. He will bring a variety of rifles and calibers.
For instance, in a couple of weeks I have a new guy to the DOME from Wisconsin coming. Terry Balding and wife, Sun Prarie, Wis.
I let John know about it yesterday and asked him to help me out. He said that he already has shells loaded for every rifle and caliber he owns and will be there. John loves to reel in newbies.
Terry is no newbie. He is always in the points race in both 600 and 1000 IBS. I understand his wife has been National female shooter of the year a couple of times. I believe he travels with Schatz sometimes. I remember they rode together to the REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA a couple of years ago when John won the NBRA 1000 Nationals.
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A Class Act, for sure

I have a couple things on my bench that he gave me at a match years ago. A fun guy to be with and a great ambassador for the shooting sports.
Here he was giving my daughter some pointers I think when she was shooting his 20Tac I believe.

I think this was when I came down and bought the Sako.
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Hey John

If you saw this let us know. Not like you to have no response
I am bringing this back to the top since John has passed.
I posted this originally in January because I wanted John
to know how I felt about him.
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