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JRs brass panic bar...

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Well, I made it to replace it today.
They ain't made parts for'em in 50 or so years. When I first started, I took it apart and brazed up and filed down prices to keeper working. Now, they just replace'em with new and improved shit that won't last a year or so...
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I feel the same way about cars. 馃榿 All though I helped my friend drive to Fresno and back in his 2022 diesel Ford Tremor F350. A few hours in my friend said I should turn on the massage unit on my seat. Oh baby! And the 360掳 cameras were nice but I didn鈥檛 have to pay for it. I didn鈥檛 even know it was a diesel till we stopped for fuel, quiet and no diesel smell.
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Who Knew?? It's a Door Handle! It would bring $5 at a Rummage Sale.

Don't show @was skruske that work area....he would go into CLEAN mode in the middle of the night and make it unrecognizable.

I see Mason Jars.??. You got a Still around there somewhere?
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I think the only thing "still" around Donnie's job is his Supe's brain...... Donnie didn't say it, l did.
Once you have a good Supe, it's hard to go back to mediocrity, much less stupidity.
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