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Just in case...

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Some of you boys have forgot ...

RUGER RULES !!!!!!!!

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your sleep walking again ...have Melissa slap ya to help ya wake up !

The King of The Rugermites keeps talking about "Ruger Rules". I wonder what the Ruger Rules are. Is it some sort of handicap system? ;)
Yep, Big G only let's us use powder in a few of'em...
Sometimes that don't help...they still win...

I saw an obituary on the Ammoland site that William B. Ruger Jr passed away on Sept 15, 2018.
I never saw anything mentioned about it on the board here. So just thinking Kermit, maybe Ruger will die out and can't rule anymore. If that happen all Rugers coud become "curios & relics". What do you think Kermit?:eek:
Hey Donnie its not bragging if you got the proof got any? Mike
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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