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Has anyone had any problems with these rifles? THe first rifle didn't shoot so I sent it back and they put a new barrel and replaced the stock. It shot a four inch group. I sent it back and they sent me a new rifle but it shot a three inch group. I sent that one back and they re-crowned it and sent it back with a three shot .955 inch group at fifty yards shot out of a vise. They say that is within factory specs. Factory specs, by the way, is two inches with a five shot group. I can't carry a vise to the deer stand with me nor do I want to. It seems to me that a high end rifle that has a match grade barrel and trigger that is glass bedded and pillar bedded should shoot well below an inch at one hundred yards. It seems they are satified with this rifle and are not going to take any further action to make this rifle shoot. Please take this information in consideration in your next rifle purchase.
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