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Ky Doe #2 down!

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Tonight I took a newbie, never had shot a deer before. He had a .243 700 Rem. Syn stock model, and a good scope. I had floated the barrel and skim bedded the stock, it will shoot nearly half moa with Winchester 100 gr. factory ammo. I dropped him off at the blind, and went across the field about 500 yds and watched the part he could not see. With about 2 minutes of daylight remaining, I picked him up, and went to check out another field about 1/4 mile away. We pulled up and I saw 2 deer out in the field, so I pulled my Ranger down below a steep cut bank, all they could see was our heads. I told him to get out, load his rifle and creep up the bank, and get a good solid rest with both elbows. He did exactly what I told him to, and the biggest deer was quartering away about 80 yds, I told him to put the crosshair right behind the shoulder, and shoot when ready. I made a "maaa" doe bleat, and she stopped looked back and then he fired. At the crack of the rifle, she gave a huge lunge, took off towards the woods, about 20 yds away! She was "digging taters" as they call it around here, frantically trying to run but getting lower every step, and she made it inside the wood line. I told him he had made a good shot, lets go get your deer, and he said you aint joking? We drove up there, and in about 5 minutes found her, 15 feet inside the wood line. She was huge, a good #130 gutted! We got her loaded, and by we, I mean he did the loading, I just swung one rear leg up while standing on 2 crutches. He was a happy camper, did a great job of gutting his first deer, I held the light and talked him thru it, using my guthook knife. Just thought I would share this with you guys!
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When you taking me ???
Good job on helping him out.
Just be careful...and to think, just a few days ago
you said your hunting was over this year...

Nice going Sam. Got him hooked now. If you were in a little better shape I'd say come up here next week and take my mom out. We've been snake bit the last several years. She's missed one small buck in the last 10 years or so. No matter what I do I can't get her one. Hopefully this weekend that will change.
Kermit I totally agree, God is good! Everything good in your life comes from God!

Thanks for sharing it with us and bigger thanks for sharing it with him.

Hope you're not over-doing that field therapy. :D
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