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Well I was feeling pretty good today,gaining strength everyday, so I had the wife put my old go to rifle in the truck, Helga my 6.5x555 swede I built in 1985. I went and hunted a place for 2 hours, did not see anything, very carefully got back in the truck, and went to an old honey hole and as I pulled into the field, I saw a doe come out across the road and into the field and then she saw me and went into some brush. I could see her outline, carefully got out of the vehicle, worked a round in the chamber, and using my sling loop got all slung up, and I could see her eye and part of her neck, only thing I had a clear shot at. I got a couple of breaths, brought the cross hairs just above the neck shot, and as I dropped them down into the clear patch, touched off the trigger and watched he drop in her tracks. Distance was about 75 yds, not too bad a shot off hand, standing all my weight on my right leg only, backed up against the truck fender for an old fart who just got out of the hospital on Saturday! I called some friends, and they came and got it out for me and processed it for me, great to have good friends. Just thought I would share, will send pics to Charley to post for me!
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